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Eric Cantor’s District Gets Nailed by Irene: Now What Will He Do?


As you can see below, the greater Richmond area, including a significant slice of Eric Can’tor’s Congressional 7th District, was badly affected by Hurricane Irene. Yet, just before the storm hit, Cantor was holding to his rigid right-wingnut ideological stance, that “additional funds for federal disaster relief ought to be offset with spending cuts.” The question now is, will Can’tor stick to this purist (albeit idiotic) stance, or will he back down and look like a complete hypocrite? Will Can’tor hold his own district hostage to his crazy ideology, just as he held the entire country hostage over the summer, or will he cave to practical political reality? This should be fascinating.

  • The Richmonder

    Things weren’t too bad and people were actually out and about last night.  Then around 8:00pm all hell broke loose and trees were dropping every where.  Three fell on one of my brothers’ house.  Spent much of the day there helping out, though not much to do: the arborist did most of the work.  We just cleared what he cut and took some pictures for the insurance company.

  • Cool_Arrow

    You have to love his logic:

    -Start an aggressive war in Iraq without any exit strategy or specific link to 9/11 and put it on a credit card: Okay

    -Rebuild infrastructure damaged in your own country (even your own district) due to an Act of God: We need to prioritize our spending.

    I’d really love to hear any Cantor apologists defend those priorities.

  • How about us folks here in Northumberland, Lancaster, Essex, and Richmond counties?  

    As of 0730 Monday morning, Northumberland County is without power and, according to the Northern Neck Electric Co-op, we won’t have power for “days or weeks.”

    Here: http://outages.nnec.coop/

    And here:  http://www.nnec.coop/Articles/

    This is Rob Wittman territory and he is nowhere to be seen.  I’m certain Wittman supports Cantor’s approach to emergency funds.

    Meanwhile, here in Northumberland County:

    — those of us with whole-house generators and generators on our wells are in good shape;

    — Red Cross shelter is still operating in the high school;

    — 911 landlines are down;

    — and the rightwingers are braying about how stupid Mayor Bloomberg of NYC is for stopping the subways and buses.

  • IBelieveInHenryHowell

    Where are all the religious right (Pat Robertson?)types telling us this should be a sign to Can’tor from above that he should be helping the poor? The imprisoned? The least among us? Oh well, I guess that god only speaks to liberals this way… sigh…