Progressive Endorses Areizaga-Soto; Right-Wing Real Estate Rag Endorses Favola


    The following two endorsements really say it all in the 31st State Senate district.

    1. David Englin endorses Jaime Areizaga-Soto:

    As a progressive leader in the General Assembly, I generally do not endorse Democratic primary candidates in districts where I cannot vote, and I’ve been especially hesitant to comment on the 31st District Senate primary because my wife is a paid consultant for one of the candidates, Jaime Areizaga-Soto. However, my simmering anger at how my own party’s leaders in the Virginia Senate are handling this race has boiled over, and I can no longer remain silent.


    The most senior Democratic leaders in the Virginia Senate continue to attack and belittle Areizaga-Soto, who would be the first Latino elected to the Virginia Senate, because he has the nerve to seek his party’s nomination against their hand-picked choice. They are so incensed by his candidacy that they have spent tens of thousands of dollars to attack him that could otherwise be used to defend their tenuous Democratic majority. This smacks of an earlier era of “good old boy” Virginia Democratic politics that most of us soundly rejected long ago

    This is all so, so true, and closely echoes everything we’ve been saying here on Blue Virginia for months. Progressive leader (other than our disagreement on taking gifts from corporate interests) David Englin’s conclusion is also true, that Areizaga-Soto “will be a thoughtful, progressive champion for our entire community, and to send a message that the Democratic Party is still the open, inclusive party of good government we have worked so hard together to build.” Bingo!

    2. In stark, stark contrast, is the right-wing real estate rag’s endorsement of real estate/towing industry favorite Barbara Favola. Keep in mind that this paper endorsed George Allen over Jim Webb in 2006, Bob McDonnell in 2009, etc. The right-wing real-estate rag also despises liberals, progressives, environmentalists (for instance, the paper’s editor has written that global warming is nothing more than “hysteria perpetuated by those, including the media, with agendas to pursue”), activists, and Democrats in general. Most importantly, and this cannot be emphasized enough, the right-wing real estate rag is a supporter of the REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE IN THE 31ST DISTRICT, Caren Merrick. Can we say “concern troll?” In other words, if you follow this endorsement of the right-wing real estate rag, you’re essentially going with someone who only wants to hurt Democrats, who hates everything we stand for, who is totally beholden (like the person he endorsed) to the real estate industry, and who wants the Republican candidate (Caren Merrick) to win this race!(I mean, it would be like if Blue Virginia started endorsing in Republican primaries – lol) All of which really makes it clear why the Sun Gazette endorsed who it did.

    In sum, this one’s a no brainer for Democrats in the 31st district: go Jaime Areizaga-Soto!

    • _Locke_

      Look, what Englin says is true, and I even think Jaime is the better candidate and intend to vote for him.

      But, Englin Consulting works for Jaime. The blogs and local media have to stop giving them free advertising every time David endorses a candidate who contracts Shayna. David should stop endorsing in these obvious conflicts-of-interest, and the blogs should stop paying him lip service when he does.

    • NewVirginia

      I think the Englin endorsement of Jaime reflects his frustration over the lack of movement by his fellow progressives to support Jaime more than any desire to help his spouse who seems to have no trouble attracting clients.

      The “crickets” from the majority of the NOVA “progressive legislative community” over the actions of the Dem Senate leadership, starting with the way they tried to clear the field and diminish Jaime’s time in Richmond, almost before the campaign began, with notable exceptions of Scott Surovell and Kaye Kory has been disappointing.


    • … need to realize that David also had self interest in remaining silent in the primary — or at least not going after the Democratic leadership so bluntly.

      He’s still relatively young, is generally well respected by both the grassroots and the establishment, and has the potential to move up fairly high in the Democratic leadership. Harshly criticizing folks like Whipple and Saslaw certainly doesn’t help get their support for his advancement in the Democratic Party.

    • totallynext

      coming out of the Senate Caucas to any of the 30th Candidates?