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Last Month Was America’s 2nd-Hottest August On Record


droughtThe latest State of the Climate report is out from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center. The top news:

  • August of 2011 was the 2nd-hottest ever in the United States
  • Globally, August was the 8th-hottest on record
  • So far, 2011 is Earth’s 11th-hottest year on record

On top of that, not only did Texas’ June through August break the record for hottest three-month stretch for any state, but Oklahoma’s June through August is #2 on the list. The Dust Bowl’s been pushed to third – by more than a full degree.

What’s the impact of that extreme heat, and with it extreme drought? As the Texas Forest Service put it, “No one on the face of this Earth has ever fought fires in these extreme conditions.” Watch how fast the winds of Tropical Storm Lee whipped one wildfire through Texas (in real time):

Might be time for climate science deniers to face reality.

  • kindler

    …climate change would be at the top of the national priority list.  How do we achieve all our other goals — economic, security, health, etc. — without a stable climate to depend on?

    It’s time for enviros to stop being so nice, take off the kid gloves and take to the streets like never before.  When I raised climate issues with Gerry Connally recently, he said that environmentalists just are not a factor on Capitol Hill, and that we need to re-learn how to apply political and grassroots pressure.  The tar sands protests were a good start — let’s keep the pressure going, and keep turning it up!