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Attention Virginia Democratic Politicians: Watch Warren and Learn!


See, it really isn’t that hard, now is it? Oh, and what happens if you speak (authentically, of course – won’t work if it’s phony) like Elizabeth Warren does? You bring in a gazillion small-dollar donations and…well, see the “flip” for what else you get! 🙂

Enthusiastic volunteers. Lots and lots of enthusiastic volunteers (can we say “ragtag army?” how about “this is what democracy looks like?)!

  • totallynext
  • DanielK

    That term is so near and dear to my heart Lowell!  That’s what Joe Abbey called our Deeds for Governor primary team that worked our tails off for him only to be forgotten about once the general election rolled around.

    I’d take a ragtag army any day!  It’s the authenticity that people like, including me.  She’s speaking to people and not simply producing sound bites like we’re seeing from the GOP presidential hopefuls!

    Go figure a down ticket candidate is probably going to help Obama in that state 🙂

  • jchunteire

    Another good ad from Elizabeth Warren: http://youtu.be/lu61aU4N8mM

    Voters- left, right, center- want a fighter. She happens to not only be willing to fight but to fight for the right things. We need more just like her.