Jim Webb Rallies Loudoun Dems, Calls Out Republicans for Extreme Rhetoric


    I’ve rarely if ever seen Jim Webb this angry, but I think it’s totally appropriate given the outrageousness of Republicans’ rhetoric in this campaign. Specifically, Webb is disgusted by a Loudoun County Republican Committee Halloween message that included an image of President Obama with a bullet hole in his head. Note that the chair of that committee, Mark Sell, has not resigned or apologized (other than a ridiculous, non-apology “apology”) to this day. Nor have most Loudoun Republican politicians condemned Sell or demanded his resignation. That really says it all, wouldn’t you say?

    • Dan Sullivan

      Bobby Mac is a coward and unprincipled a** if he doesn’t clean house. But we already know, Bobby Mac is a coward and unprincipled a**. It looks as though it is up to us to make certain the rest of the GOP and America knows it.