Supreme Court Disses Kookinelli and his Health Care Lawsuit?


    I think it’s fair to say that most of us here already felt that Ken Cuccinelli was wasting time and taxpayer money in his lawsuit against the federal health care reform law passed in late 2010. Now, it appears the Supreme Court may agree.

    The [U.S. Supreme Court] case is based on a lawsuit brought by Florida and 25 other states and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. But it does not include Virginia’s case.

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) was the nation’s first attorney general to file a lawsuit challenging the 2010 law. But a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in Richmond tossed out his case, saying Virginia lacked standing to sue.

    Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein declined to comment except to say the office is waiting for the Supreme Court to meet Nov. 22 to consider whether to grant Virginia’s case a hearing.

    How about another idea: instead of pursuing wild goose chases aimed at rewriting the U.S. Constitution in Ken Cuccinelli’s image, witchhunts against scientists, and other wastes of Virginia taxpayers’ money, why doesn’t Ken Cuccinelli buckle down and do the job he was hired to do? That would include what Steve Shannon promised to do in his 2009 campaign (“increased restrictions on sex offenders use of Social Networking services[14] and several measures to deter drunk driving, and attempting to curb gang recruitment”). Even better, Kookinelli could be doing what Maryland AG Doug Gansler has done, prosecuting environmental crimes; or what former Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal did — fought for clean air, against Big Tobacco, against abusive monopolies, against fraudulent business practices, etc. Sadly, Kookinelli would rather waste everyone’s time and money, and also sadly, for another 2 years we have to put up with this crap. Still, it’s nice to see Kookinelli’s idiotic lawsuit not on the Supreme Court docket. Let’s hope they file it where it belongs – in the garbage can.

    P.S. The apparent Supreme Court “dis” of Ken Kookinelli comes just days after one of the top conservative judges in America demolished the idea that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. Whether you’re a liberal, conservative, or whatever, who would you believe: “Judge Laurence Silberman, a man who has stood at the pinnacle of conservative judicial thinking for decades” or a self-promoter/clown who talks to toy elephants and thinks the overwhelming evidence collected by thousands of scientists over decades is all make believe? Tough one, I know.

    • Across the country, courts continue to rule on cases challenging the constitutionality of the federal health care law, with differing conclusions coming from several circuits.  Whether a federal mandate on every citizen to purchase health insurance violates the U.S. Constitution is a question that ultimately must be decided by the United States Supreme Court.  That is why, nine months ago, Virginia requested that these suits be expedited for resolution by our nation’s highest court.  We are pleased that the Supreme Court has announced they will hear arguments from six of these cases during the current term.

      I have long argued that this is an issue that will have an enormous impact on states, and one that demands finality as soon as possible. Each day that these cases remain unresolved means that states must spend more time and money to prepare for the expensive and burdensome requirements of the health care law, while uncertainty looms over its constitutionality.

      Today’s news that the Supreme Court will hear arguments, possibly as soon as March, is reassuring news that we will soon reach finality on this critically important issue. I am confident that the court will find that the act does overreach and is unconstitutional. I thank the U.S. Supreme Court for agreeing to hear arguments on the federal health care law during this current term.

    • Gotta love it! LOL