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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, November 30. (UPDATE: Check out the video of Faux “News” demolishing flip floppin’/no principles Mitt Romney. The only question is, which Mitt? LOL)

*Schapiro: Some Republicans urge power-sharing

*Let’s update tax policy to help rebuild schools (“By Sen. Jim Webb & Sen. Mark Warner & Rep. Eric Cantor & Bob McDonnell & George Allen & Tim Kaine”)

*Deficit Hawks See Opening

*Cuccinelli disappointed with GOP presidential field (Gotta laugh at this one — nutjob/extremist Ken Kookinelli doesn’t think the far-right-wing Republican field is consistently far-right-wing enough. Or something. Whatever.)

*Cuccinelli to question candidates (Cuckoo can ask the candidates why they’re not consistently far-right extremist enough on Saturday night. Grab some popcorn, this should be hilarious!)

*Localities challenge state amendment

*McDonnell seeks to scrap two state agencies

*McDonnell’s Reform Measures Have Little Impact

*Governor sends health insurance exchange report to General Assembly

*Croce: Organizations urge restoration, protection of state’s waters

*Garrett answers constituent questions at town hall meeting

*Virginia Republicans look to revisit districts’ lines (“‘If they move so much as one block it goes to court,”‘ declared Saslaw.” More meaningless bluster from blowhard Dick Saslaw? Sure sounds like it.)

*Cantor praises Obama’s pick for key healthcare post (In other news, hell freezes over?)

*Prince William wants immigration policies adopted statewide

*Radtke campaign manager resigns but remains consultant (The finely tuned Radke machine continues humming along. Not.)

*Virginia’s Bolling in Fla. for lieutenant governors’ event

*Virginia certifies election results

*Metro spokesman leaving agency after 11 years

*Zebras get loose from Leesburg zoo, roam neighborhood; nobody injured

*Editorial: Federal spending cuts will hit Virginia (“The commonwealth does well when Washington spends a lot, but it now will suffer debt reduction pain.”)

*Capitals vs. Blues: Dale Hunter loses debut as Washington’s struggles continue

  • Peter Rousselot

    Those who are old enough to remember the Howdy Doody TV show from the 1950’s (and that surely includes Dick Saslaw), will recall that show’s character “Mr. Bluster”–full of bombast and righteous indignation. One of the stories in today’s Virginia News Headlines illustrates how Dick Saslaw continues to cement his role as our era’s Mr. Bluster:

    “If they move so much as one block it goes to court,” declared Saslaw, D-Fairfax County – a response similar to his defiant pledge not to change a single “period or comma” on Senate Democrats’ map after Gov. Bob McDonnell vetoed it last April.

    However, that story concludes with this sad but true commentary on the failure of our Mr. Bluster’s lack of effectiveness:

    “Despite that, Saslaw and his colleagues ultimately made concessions on a map that didn’t achieve Democrats’ goal of protecting their Senate majority.”