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They’ve Got to Be Kidding (But They Aren’t)


Yesterday we learned that the Virginia Board of Social Services lives under a prehistoric rock.  They ended Tim Kaine’s policy of non-discrimination, establishing sexual orientation, age, disability, gender, family status, religion and political beliefs as grounds for denial of adoption applications. Think about that for a minute.  

It is bad enough that sexual orientation is entrenched as a possible criterion for adoption approval.  Now comes the insane, unconstitutional and out-of-control administration/”Taliban” to push the envelope even further by including religious belief and political views. Bob McDonnell could fix this, just as Tim Kaine did. But he won’t. So blame for this retro-, abusive, discriminatory policy belongs at the top.  

The very people who scream the loudest about religious liberty (i.e., the McDonnell/Pat Robertson-type right wing theocrats) are the ones running roughshod over constitutionally protected freedoms. They’ve got the world upside down, giving bigots the right to discriminate, but not individuals to be free to choose their religion or political views without persecution. But, hey, one of the GOP’s leading presidential wannabes also thinks he can just disband the 9th Circuit Appellate Court. In a party that far gone and so clueless of the Constitution, unfortunately, discriminating in adoptions is just the beginning.

McDonnell deserves blame for this, along with blame for his support of nihilist Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, reckless budget, continuing the environmental assault on Virginia (except for his one decision about open pit uranium mining) and abrogation of Virginia’s public responsibilities to its citizens. McDonnell doesn’t come close to deserving the poll numbers he’s gotten, much less empty-headed media talk about his vice presidential ambitions. Mickey D has done a great job of hiding his agenda from voters, but the secret is out. And now everyone knows, or should know.  

  • Bumble Bee

    I disagree, I don’t think Micky D has done a great job of hiding his agenda.  He has always been what he has been.  The voters have done a great job of being blind, dumb and stupid.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Evidently, the reading of the Constitution at the beginning of this Congress in the House of Representatives was simply the first of many ways the GOPers in Congress (House and Senate) have found to waste the people’s time. Anyone who has read the Constitution surely notes the one time the basic Constitution, minus the Bill of Rights that was added later, mentions religion. Article VI, section 3: “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

    It’s pretty easy to understand the “original intent” that conservatives swear they worship. The Framers held religion – or the lack thereof – to be private and not the business of the government.

    If private religious adoption agencies wish to discriminate and go against the spirit of the Christ, so be it. But, the state should never sanction such bigotry.

  • pontoon

    the Rachel Maddow show…Republicans embarrass Virginia again with their bigotry and discrimination.