PPP: Virginia Supports Power Sharing, Bolling slightly better than Cuccinelli vs. Dems


    New poll numbers today from Public Policy Polling show that the majority of voting Virginians support power sharing in the State Senate:

    “On one hand only 31% of voters think the Republicans should have full control of the chamber, while 55% think there should be some sort of power sharing arrangement. Predictably Republicans think they should have all the power and Democrats think it should be shared.  Independents tip the balance by siding with the Democrats in support of power sharing by a 53/28 margin.

    Additionally, LG Bill Bolling did  slightly better than AG Ken Cuccinelli when tested against Gerry Connolly, Terry McAuliffe:

    “Bolling leads the 3 Democrats we tested by an average of 3 points- it’s 39-36 over both Gerry Connolly and Terry McAuliffe and 39-35 over Tom Perriello. Cuccinelli meanwhile averages a tie against the 3 Democrats- he leads McAuliffe by a point at 41-40, ties Perriello at 41% each, and trails Connolly by a point at 41-40.”

    More numbers below.

    Governor McDonnell’s approval continues to be decent at 45% approve, 33% disapprove, but PPP reports that he wouldn’t be a “game changer” in the presidential race in Virginia if he were the VP on the ticket. 30% would actually be LESS likely to vote Republican for president, and only 21% considered it a positive.

    They also report:

    “Cuccinelli is easily the best known of these candidates with 68% name recognition to 43% for Bolling, 41% for Perriello, 38% for McAuliffe, and 25% for Connolly.  But Cuccinelli’s being well known isn’t necessarily a good thing- only 29% of voters see him a favorable light while 39% have a negative opinion.

    We didn’t test a Democratic primary but McAuliffe (26/15) has the best favorability numbers among his party’s voters, compared to 23/15 for Perriello and just 11/15 for Connolly who clearly just isn’t known to much of anyone beyond Northern Virginia.

    Finally Mark Warner continues to be Virginia’s most popular politician and one of the most popular Senators in the country with a 54/24 approval spread.  That gives him the 11th best numbers among nearly 90 current Senators we’ve polled on.  Jim Webb has a solid 44/31 approval but as ever remains in Warner’s shadow on the popularity front.”

    • Senator McEachin Notes that PPP Poll Reinforces That Senate Power Should be Shared

      Richmond – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) noted that that the PPP Poll released today showed that Virginians, by an absolute majority, want power shared in the State Senate. Senator McEachin said, “As I would have expected, the inherent fairness of Virginians, their interests in seeing the parties work together to find real solutions and not engage in partisan posturing, was further demonstrated today by the PPP Poll results.

      “Over half of respondents, 55%, believe that power should be shared in the Virginia State Senate. These voters, constituents of both Democrats and Republicans, recognize that the Election day results created an evenly divided Senate and, therefore, the Senate should organize in a way reflective of those results.

      “I would ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to respect not only the Election Day outcome, but this further indicator, from a scientific poll, that demonstrates that Virginians want parity and power-sharing. As elected legislators, representatives of the people, we should respond to Virginians’ needs and perspectives and follow their directives.”

    • normanva

      WHERE are all these folks when it comes time to vote.  It wasn’t a secret that the republicans were hoping to take over the Virginia Senate.  It would have been nice if these folks that support power sharing had showed up at the election.  We wouldn’t be having this discussion!