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Stupidest Washington Post Story Ever?


There’s tons of competition for “stupidest Washington Post story ever,” but Center for American Progress, group tied to Obama, under fire from Israel advocates has got to immediately jump to one of the top spots on the list. Seriously, I read that thing, and several things happened: 1) I lost several precious minutes of my life that I will never get back; 2) I feel significantly stupider after reading it than before;  3) my eyeballs hurt from the burning “teh stupid;” 4) I’m concerned for the author of this piece, as he might have seriously hurt himself straining and reaching for some semblance of a real story here, let alone a connection between a couple of think tank staffers’ personal tweets and the Obama administration, Middle East policy, etc. Ugh.

Your reaction?

  • VaCat

    Two words come to mind..Thought Police.  Not only stupid, but very dangerous.  This sort of thinking leads to the kind of behavior that we see from an Andrew Adler, the publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times who in a Jan. 13th editorial advocates assassination of our President because he is “deemed unfriendly” to Israel.  My first reaction was “are you kidding me?” but it’s not funny.  It’s dangerous.