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Willard: Lamest, Most Inauthentic, Most Out-of-Touch Politician in Human History?


I’m not speaking as a Democrat here, I’m just seriously trying to think if I’ve ever seen a politician at the national level so inept, glaringly inauthentic/phony, terrible at ad libbing, and utterly out of touch with normal Americans (“my wife drives two Cadillacs, actually” – WTF?!?) as Willard “Mitt” Romney. Maybe Richard Nixon, who was extremely awkward, but I think Romney’s got Nixon topped by a mile for most inauthentic, etc. Wow.  

  • Jamie

    The whole event was a disaster: the trees, the small crowd, protests and two Cadillacs.  

  • Feel the Mitt-mentum!!! LOL

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I can’t believe how out-of-touch Romney is with the 99%. He was born into privilege (even though Dad only had a few millions), made really big money, never associated with “those others.” Every time he opens his mouth, he plants his inept foot it. With Dubya some of us kept a list of his dumb statements. With Willard we can start the list of elitist statement he doesn’t even know are elitist:

    “I like to fire people.”

    “I’m not concerned with the very poor.”

    “Corporations are people, my friend.”

    “I know what it’s like to worry about losing a job. I’ve gotten a couple of pink slips.” (NOT)

    “I understand. I’m unemployed, too (chuckle).”

    “Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs.”

    And, of course, for us animal lovers there is the infamous incident where the family dog was put in a crate on top of the family vehicle and driven from Massachusetts to Quebec, a four-hour trip at Interstate speeds. No wonder, the poor thing had an accident that the kids saw running down the back seat windows. Willard’s solution? Put the dog and the car through a car wash….

  • kindler

    Tricky Dick was not born to privilege, which gave him a certain appeal to blue collar audiences (the “hard hats” as they called them), though much of that appeal was based on bitter resentment against so-called “elites” — even as Nixon was pocketing secret millions from the actual corporate elites.   And Nixon was also a brilliant political strategist – unlike R-money.   Gingrich is more the inheritor of the Nixon style in this race.  

    Stylistically, Romney reminds me more of Gore when he ran — the son of a well-known politician with a cloistered upbringing, stiff, with poor people instincts.  Indeed, some of the reasons Repub voters are rejecting Romney make perfect sense.  Others don’t: anti-Mormon prejudice, desire for a candidate who touts conspiracy theories and is far to the right of the electorate, etc.  

  • who could forget “Joementum?”

  • aznew

    is his ability to shamelessly lie and misrepresent his own record without a hint of embarrassment or, apparently, even any self-awareness that he is doing it.