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Are Donors in the 10th Expected to Foot the Bill in the 5th?


As someone who’s never lived or contributed in the 10th, I think I can be impartial when I say that taking the cash you raised for one race and then using it to fund another race in a different district sounds a little crummy.

I’ve heard some grousing around Fairfax and Loudoun the last week or so that folks who contributed to John Douglass thinking he would use it to fight Frank Wolf are understandably ticked off that their hard earned dollars are now being used elsewhere. What’s more, they’re going toward a primary campaign against a fellow Dem in the 5th, leaving the 10th with squat.

Shopping for a friendly district is nothing new; and probably not such a bad thing if candidate and voter can find the right fit. But it’s entirely something else when you’ve promised to use donors’ money to represent them, and then don’t

  • NoVA Dem

    I’m hearing that everywhere. And they have a right to be unhappy. Douglass was raising money in the 10th District even while campaigning in Danville.

  • sbroy2013

    I don’t think this is just an expectation, but it is now more of an unfortunate reality. The thing is that I don’t think this whole ordeal lends a very favorable view of Douglass as he enters the race for the 5th… I think it gives voters some insight (true or false) to the overall content of his character, which will be be very hard to recover from when all is said and done..

    Personally… I think that he is now playing a losing hand, which wasn’t what he was originally dealt. If this decision was guided by those leading his campaign, they should all be fired. It gives the impression that someone is asleep at the wheel and may have sealed his ultimate fate.

    My honest opinion: Stick a fork in him folks… He’s done!