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Is There Any Reason Why Jim Moran Is Wrong About This?


I’m having a hard time finding any flaws in Rep. Moran’s reasoning here about how “it’s time to accelerate our withdrawal from Afghanistan?” At this point, almost 11 years after the war began, are we really accomplishing anything over there? Thoughts?

  • Progressive86

    At present, it is questionable whether or not the U.S. has “succeeded” as so many government officials and politicians will claim. The cost of so many lives for a still tenuous political situation is no victory. If we were to take away the American lens from this country, we may see a picture of relations little difference than what was present before the American invasion. That is, warlords still rule sections of Afghanistan like so many princes with their fiefs.

    I’ll leave it at that and I hope I am wrong about the successes NATO has achieved in Afghanistan. I hope our public leaders have not lied to the American people or to themselves. America’s empire has always rested with its soft power even when we have reluctantly gone to war in the past. It’s time that the U.S. refocus on this “soft” power (culture!) and lay down our weapons (metaphorically speaking).  

  • Say What

    …in Afghanistan was dumped over board a year ago. The Pakistanis kept Osama Bin Laden under wraps for years as it “played” the USA as a chump. Keeping him alive gave the USA an emotionally based rational for staying in the region well beyond the sober logic of doing so. Great move on their part as they benefited substantially from the U.S. Government continually dumping money on them for “assistance in the War on Terror”. No real gains for us.

    My brother who is a Navy Reservist ER Doctor recently returned from the Kandahar region & the Pakistani border. To quote him … “we need to get out of this place … it’s too 18th century”.

    The Obama administration has been very tardy in making change happen in the military sphere … the one place where it could have the greatest immediate effect. Very FEW Americans think we should still be in Afghanistan. The time to pull out is now!!

    Why wait??  Until after the election? There’s a new guy running for Senate in Virginia who’s primary motivation is that his son was recently killed in Afghanistan.  I hope he gets the signatures he needs to get on the ballot in November… just so people can make a good protest vote against this stupidly waged war.