BREAKING: Chap Petersen Will Not Run Statewide in 2013


    I don’t have a lot of details, but I just found out that State Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax City) will not be running statewide in 2013. Apparently, he told his Senate colleagues of his decision on Monday. I also understand that Chap had actually started the process to run statewide in 2013, had been lining up donors (including, from what I hear, some heavy hitters). Then, suddenly (and sadly), Chap’s dad passed away, and understandably Chap lost interest in a statewide run for office in 2013 (including everything he’d have to do in 2012, aka “now,” to run and win).

    Anyway, it would now appear that Terry McAuliffe is the de facto Democratic nominee for governor in 2013, barring a move by Senator Mark Warner to throw his own hat in the ring. That, obviously, would “clear the field,” but I’m actually hearing that’s not likely to happen either.

    UPDATE: Julian Walker reports Chap saying “I thought hard about running for governor in 2013, but at this point I don’t plan on going forward.”  Walker also quotes Sen. Warner spokesman Kevin Hall that “we’re not thinking about 2013” but instead are “focused on a pretty big election this fall, and the fiscal storm coming at the end of this year when the Bush tax cuts and the payroll tax holiday expire and automatic budget cuts take effect — all at the same time.”

    • FreeDem

      Nothing at all statewide?!

      I understand not running for Governor. But this is very, very disappointing for those of us hoping for a strong ticket in 2013.  

    • Mike1987

      and into the Governorship

    • on his Facebook page:

      Not Running in 2013:

      Over the past few weeks, I’ve been the subject of some attention, perhaps undeserved, regarding a potential run for Governor. I did not deny the inquiries, because I was seriously considering it.

      To run for public office, a lot of pieces must be in place: family, financial, professional and spiritual. A candidate must also have a vision which is congruent with the moment. Timing is everything.

      After a lot of thought, I’ve determined that 2013 is not my time. I will be actively in support of the Democratic ticket, but I will not be on it.

      I’m very blessed right now to have a growing family, a busy law practice and a seat in the Virginia Senate. Those obligations, plus additional ones with church and community, will take up my time for the next two years.

      To run statewide, you need to commit 24/7 at least a year prior. I can’t make that commitment right now. I can’t even make it in the next 2-3 months.

      The Democratic Party deserves a candidate who will engage now and begin building the necessary foundation for statewide success. I have a lot of ideas, both substantive and political, which I’d like to offer that person(s) once they emerge.

      I’d like to thank everyone who encouraged me to run in 2013. It was both flattering and humbling. I don’t take that for granted.

      I expect to see my Democratic friends at the 2012 State Convention in Fairfax. Or, better yet, at our annual “Young Lawyers” party at ICONS in Fairfax City on Thursday, May 31. Have a cold beer with me and enjoy the live music!

      Peace. Chap

    • NotJohnSMosby

      Perriello/McEachin/Mark Herring.

      I really would like Warner to run for Gov, when he wins, on inauguration day, after swearing in as Gov he resigns his Senate seat and appoints Perriello to the Senate.  Perriello runs for re-election in 2016, Warner can either run for President in 2016 or be a good Veep pick.  If not, he finishes out his term as Gov in Jan 2018 and finds another political gig.

    • kindler

      Losing a parent is a huge blow, especially when you’re still relatively young, as Chap is.  So I have to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

      I can also understand not wanting to take on Terry, as that would be a tough fight.

      But I’m disappointed that he won’t even consider running fo AG, for which he would be an outstanding candidate.

      The consolation, I guess, is that with VA’s ridiculous one term limits, you get a new chance every 4 years, with no incumbent to worry about!