Greene County, VA Republicans: Armed Revolution if Obama Reelected!


    Good job by Right Wing Watch in catching this latest bit of insanity from our friendly Virginia Republicans. In this case, it’s in the Greene County Virginia Republican Committee’s March newsletter (still online, by the way). As RightWingWatch explains:

    …editor Ponch McPhee says that America cannot survive four more years under Obama, a “political socialist ideologue” who is “unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized.” McPhee argues that Americans will have no option “but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November:”

    In other words, we’re back Catherine “Bullet Box” Crabill levels of insanity here in Virginia, and of course it’s Republicans who are the source of the violent rhetoric. Anyway, I eagerly await denunciations of the Greene County Republican Committee by the Republican Party of Virginia, Governor McDonnell, Lieutenant Governor Bolling, Attorney General Cuccinelli, etc.  You know, just like Willard regularly denounces the insane, hateful, violent rhetoric coming from his supporters. Oh wait…

    P.S. As usual, these people can’t spell, in this case misspelling “course” as “coarse.” Duhhhhhhhhhh.

    • Dan Sullivan


    • kindler

      …that you’re not concerned about the circumference of the very being of our Republic?  

      Seriously, these wackjobs are very scary, and anybody who calls Romney, McDonnell or whichever Repub leader a moderate needs to remember that these are their constituency, to whom they must answer.  

    • Teddy Goodson

      that on various occasions I’ve warned that these folks are psyching themselves up for armed rebellion, or at any rate some sort of violence. My expectation is that they will employ violence during the voting…. why wait? I certainly hope that the Secret Service is over its distractions and paying attention to its job.

      The more I see and hear from my former friends among the Republicans, their intransigence and exaggerated rants, the more deranged they sound, and the more worrisome they are…. these are people with whom, a few short months or years ago one might have had a reasonably civil conversation  without it’s turning inevitably into a right-wing rant, no matter what the topic was to begin with. I sometimes wonder if Fox News is flashing nano-second brainwashing phrases on the television screen, in a kind of psychological warfare— they all say the same things with staring eyes, reinfrcing and reassuring themselves and each other in an endless cycle.

    • pontoon

      that the Secret Service, FBI, and the Department of Justice have been made aware of this threat.  I am finding that folks I have known for many years who have been mainstream, moderate Republicans believe the factoids being pushed by the birthers, Faux News, the Republican Party et cetera.  It is quite frightening that educated, normally sensible people have become so brainwashed.

      My husband recently attempted to talk to a guy we’ve known a long time who was calling President Obama a Kenyan born socialist at the grocery store.  He was shaking when he got home and completely disappointed that the guy who is college educated has bought into this nonsense.

    • totallynext

      Is this….political socialist ideologue” who is “unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized.

      Seriously…They are batsh$& crazy

    • pontoon

      DJ on WTJU, Charlottesville.  He hosts a couple of shows on Saturdays, a music show at 3:00 and a news/public affairs show at 5:30 on Saturdays called “Freedom Watch.”  I can just imagine if he openly writes these kind of opinion pieces what he must say on the radio.

    • glennbear

      I take the resounding silence from the Hurt office as a tacit endorsement of the views expressed in the newsletter. All the more reason to defeat this empty suit in November.  

    • Fred Hudson

      Extremists, some with violent tendencies, find aid and comfort for their anti-democracy hostilities when they take this type of rhetoric too seriously.  It simply has no place in the politics of today.  I am calling upon the candidates of both parties to renounce the comments.  As voters, we simply cannot quietly accept such extreme statements.

    • Good for Bob McDonnell, now what about Rep. Robert Hurt? State Sen. Emmett Hanger? Del. Rob Bell? George Allen? RPV Chair Pat Mullin?  

    • ir003436

      Guns are like penises.

      Half the population owns one but only fools and nuts wave them around, threaten people with them, and shoot them off in public.