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President Obama in Richmond


From the pool report by Wesley Hester of the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Air Force 1 touched down in Richmond at 10:56 a.m., a few minutes behind schedule.

A group of about 75 guests await POTUS on the tarmac at Richmond International Airport, including Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones.

POTUS disembarked at 11:10 wearing tan slacks, a dress shirt and a blue blazer. He was greeted by a line of 14 guests, led by Mayor Dwight C. Jones. After posing for a group photo, he removed his blazer and greeted guests in a pen on the tarmac.

“How’s it going, everybody,” he said as he approached to cheers from the crowd. “It’s good to be back in Richmond.”

POTUS shook hands with adults and high-fived a few kids.

Motorcade left at 11:20. Next stop a mystery.

UPDATE 11:50 am: Ryan Nobles (@ryanobles) tweets, “Everyone bracing.. It’s about to pour..at the #Obama event.. Get ready..” @ryanobles adds, “Crowd at #Obama event remains enthusastic despite rain.. it actually probably cooled them off.”

UPDATE 11:59 am: Washington Examiner reporter ‏@scontorno (Steve Contorno) tweets, “It is really coming down now as Rep. Bobby Scott is speaking. Thunder in the distance.”

UPDATE 12:05 pm: @ryanobles tweets, “At the podium now, Sen. @DonMcEachinVA… giving a firey [sic] speech to the crowd being covered by rain.”

UPDATE 12:16 pm: President Obama speaking now in the pouring rain. #DEDICATION!

UPDATE 12:30 pm: President Obama reminding everyone that we tried Republican economic policies – deregulation and tax cuts for the rich – over the past decade and THEY DID NOT WORK. Why would we want to go back to top-down economics? Obama says he supports middle-up/bottom-up economics.

  • POTUS stopped at Berry’s Produce in Hanover County around 11:40 to pick up some Hanover  tomatoes en route to Glen Allen.

    “Let’s see what we’ve got,” he said, greeting owners Bill and Sandra Berry. “I hear the tomatoes are pretty good.”

    The owners offered POTUS a crash course in how to select the best tomatoes.

    POTUS also made reference to today’s Hanover Tomato Festival in Hanover.

    “These are supposed to be the best tomatoes around,” he said, inquiring about soil conditions.

    He spoke with a few onlookers gathered at the small market on Chamberlayne Road. One woman discussed energy policy with the president.

    Before leaving, he grabbed a bag of fresh tomatoes and a 25-pound box to take home.

    Sandra Berry said she was “shocked” when  the Secret Service told her the president would be stopping by about two hours beforehand. The Berrys said they are undecided voters.

    Motorcade departed around noon.