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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, August 25. Also, check out the video of President Obama’s weekly address, in which he talks about “the critical need to strengthen and preserve Medicare for our seniors and future generations.”

*Romney’s birth certificate joke stirs controversy (Uh, stupid newspaper dudes? To be a “joke,” something has to be funny. What’s funny about pandering to racist sentiments, exactly? Oh yeah, uh, hahahahahaha. Not.)

*Akin says he is staying in the race (The former “Grand” Old Party morphs into the “transvaginal probe” party, the “forcible” and “legitimate” rape party. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower weep…)

*New Kaine ad in second language, GOP bashes his first one

*Kaine unveils $250,000 Spanish-language ad campaign

*Virgil Goode submits petition with more than 20,000 signatures. (“The Constitution Party candidate must wait to see if he will be approved for Virginia’s presidential ballot”)

*Gov. Bob McDonnell to Address Republican National Convention (“Virginia’s Governor has a prime speaking slot on Tuesday evening.”)

*Terry McAuliffe to open new Obama campaign office

*U.Va. declines Obama campaign visit (Seriously?!?)

*Politifact Virginia: Chamber ad’s energy claim (False of course.)

*Paying for new pro stadium would require team effort, Sessoms says

*McDonnell says he’s neutral on port privatization, but wants more efficiency

*Paralysis at the airports board

*Women’s issues draw a crowd to Downtown Mall

*Fairfax County Says Verizon to Blame for 911 Outages

*An intriguing call from the big time

*New numbers for major Va. roadways

*Arlington’s cuts to school bus service draw protests from parents

*Nats suffer scare, and loss, in Philly

  • Not sure why the audio’s so poor on this, I wish they’d redo it at a higher quality because other than that, it’s funny and spot on.

  • As you listen to this, I suggest you substitute “terrorists,” “Muslims,” “and whatever other paranoid “threat” the right-wingnuts are obsessed with/terrified about (because remember, being right wing is all about fear and control) these days for the Soviet Union and other Cold War references. Although, actually, given that Romney referred to Russia as our #1 enemy, and given that the Teapublican platform refers to “Czechoslovakia,” which hasn’t existed for years, and since their entire platform is a throwback to the McCarthy Era…on second thought, this is the PERFECT anthem for the Republican Convention in Tampa next week. YES, it’s the John Birch Society! the John Birch Society! 🙂