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Video: Tim Kaine Interviewed in Spanish on Univision


Even with my rusty Spanish, I could understand Tim Kaine pretty well on this. It seems like he did a great job, both on substance and also linguistically. Apparently, Kaine hasn’t forgotten the Spanish he learned as a Catholic missionary in Honduras as a young man. So what’s my excuse, given that I did “immersion” Spanish much more recently, in 1997 (in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ecuador)? I suppose if I used it a bit more, as Kaine clearly does, that might help. 🙂

P.S. As for the politics, let’s hope that there’s a huge turnout by Virginia Latinos this year – and next year, and every year for that matter!

  • Teddy Goodson

    Tim increase the use of his hands and facial expressions when speaking Spanish— muy facil!— compared to when speaking English, almost as if he has a Spanish personality and an English personality. All apparently off the cuff. Arriba! Now, let’s see George Allen do the same. Ha.