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PPP: Obama Holds 2-Point Lead in Virginia with Just Over 2 Weeks to Go


Hot off the presses from PPP.

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Virginia, conducted on behalf of Health Care for America Now, finds Barack Obama continuing to hold onto a lead in the state at 49% to 47% for Mitt Romney. PPP has conducted three Virginia polls since the first Presidential debate and has found Obama with a 1-3 point advantage on each of them.

In other words, this race is very much President Obama’s – and ours – to win right now, but it’s close. So close, in fact, that it could very well come down to which party is more effective in getting out its vote. Which is why, if you have any free time at all the next 2 weeks, and you can possibly spend some of that helping GOTV, please do so. Not to put too much pressure on, but the future of our country could very well depend on what YOU do the next two weeks. 🙂 Thanks.

P.S. Plus, we have to counter Republican voter suppression efforts like this.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Even with the now-proven voter fraud perpetrated by the RPV’s hired henchmen, if we all work extremely hard, this race should be a narrow victory for the president. That said, we also need lawyers, poll watchers, etc., to guarantee that further vote tampering isn’t going on.

    Cooch won’t investigate, of course. The SBE, under GOP control, has decided unilaterally that the criminal behavior by Colin Small was “an isolated event.” But, as NLS points out, the outfit that Small worked for is still operating in parts of the state. Who knows how many people “registered” with these shady operators and don’t know they have been disenfranchised.

    The lamestream media didn’t figure out how easy it is to know how a potential voter will vote by engaging in political small talk. So, they don’t understand how that could be determined since Virginians don’t register by party. Ugh.  

  • See this article:

    How much is a vote worth? $4.50, maybe?

    That conclusion could be drawn from a recent mass mailing by Ralph Reed’s Faith & Freedom Coalition when it took the unusual step of sending donors in Virginia and other states a check for that amount as part of a voter drive.

    The mailing is part of an organizational fundraising appeal. It explains that the group wants donations to reach a $12.2 million goal to fund the final 45-day phase of its “conservative Christian voter turnout” operation.

    It included a letter, the check and a form giving recipients the option to return the $4.50 and contribute to the cause; “Save America” donations of $100 or $200 are recommended.

    Gary Marx, the coalition’s executive director, dismissed any notion that the mailing constitutes vote-buying when contacted Friday.

    “It’s a fundraising piece of mail, not a voter-contact piece of mail,” he said.

    Uh huh.