Angry John Is at It Again, Only Worse


    Except when he laughs nervously about bombing Iran, John McCain is an angry man. When isn’t he angry? And when don’t we know about it? God knows he’s been given enough platform to let Americans know about each and every McCain outrage. There’s hardly a microphone he doesn’t attach himself to.

    McCain is one of the most often-invited guests on the male and GOP-dominated Sunday morning talk show circuit. Since he lost in 2008 you’d think he’d be back-burnered as the irrelevant, bigoted, out of touch “white” man that he is.  But noooooooo.

    And now comes word that it’s happened again. Amazingly, McCain skipped a briefing on Benghazi to to claim that the White House wasn’t informing Congress sufficiently about it. Maybe he should have gone to the briefing.  But he didn’t. Instead…

    He expressed outrage about the supposed failures of Susan Rice, supposed because McCain’s version of Rice’s statements were ill-informed and just plain wrong. But when there’s a conclusion to jump to, Johhny is at the ready.

    John McCain claimed Susan Rice “isn’t that bright.” This from the man who nominated the imbecilic Sarah Palin for his Vice Presidential nominee. Rice, whose Ph.D is from Oxford University, is hardly stupid. Contrast that with McCain who graduated near the bottom of his class of over 800. And yet there is McCain questioning Dr. Susan Rice’s intelligence and fitness to serve at State.

    Hopefully, the voters of Arizona will finally give John McCain the boot.  He doesn’t believe in in actually serving them as their representative in Washington. He refuses to bring home the bacon (i.e., jobs). He’s been pretty damn stupid (i.e. not that bright) in the Senate, especially in the past four years. And he’s got “angry white dude” written all over him. (No literalists among his supporters, that is not to be taken literally.)