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Audio: Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli Questions Legitimacy of President Obama’s Reelection


Per the Virginia Pilot’s Julian Walker, it appears that Virginia Attorney General – and 2013 gubernatorial candidate – Ken Cuccinelli has added to his long list of crazy comments, stances, etc. This time, he’s questioning the legitimacy of President Obama’s reelection, strongly agreeing with a right-wing radio host that Obama “can’t win in a state where photo ID is required,…So clearly there’s something going on out there.” He’s also buying into the Big Lie about supposedly widespread “voter fraud.” In fact, there’s almost ZERO voter fraud in this country, but Republicans have used this made-up/phony “issue” to put into place – or try to, anyway – draconian laws making it harder for American to exercise their right to vote. Disgusting.

Of course, this is the same guy who dabbles in “birtherism”, who denies climate change, who tries to make it easier for people to discriminate against gay people, who claims that Virginia can disobey federal laws it disagrees with, who believes the government is tracking his kids via Social Security numbers, who talks to a toy elephant named “Ron”, etc, etc. What else would you expect from this cuckoo bird?

  • Teddy Goodson

    Jim Greer, ex-Chair of the Florida GOP is quoted today in  Huffington Post that Governor Rick Scott and the GOP-controlled Florida legislature instituted shortened early voting hours deliberately with the intention of suppressing the votes of African-Americans and other minorities that tended to vote Democratic. Former Republican-turned Independent, former Florida Governor Crist in an interview also said frankly that the voter ID laws and shortened early voting hours were deliberately racist, intending to suppress Democratic voters. This jibes with that statement made in Pennsylvania by the Republicn legislator, who also said the voter ID law intended to suppress Democratic voters. I think it is quite clear that the Republican Party in and of itself is, as Crist said, “convinced that minorities will never vote Republican” and so they intend to short-circuit the democratic process. In other words, they are traitors to the American Constitution.

  • kindler

    …about him moving to the center to win in 2013.

    I don’t think he could find the center with a GPS…