Bill “Marshall Coleman” Bolling?


    Could Bill Bolling be the 2013, gubernatorial version of Marshall Coleman’s 1994 run as an independent for U.S. Senate? According to the Roanoke Times, ” Bolling didn’t rule out the possibility” of running for governor next year as an independent. Why would Bolling do such a thing? Gee, let’s think about it for a second. How about: a) he despises Ken Cuccinelli (in this interview, he noted “uncertainty and uncomfortableness” with Cuccinelli); b) he is pissed at Bob McDonnell for reneging on the deal they had (Bolling let McDonnell run for governor in 2009, in exchange for McDonnell’s support of Bolling in 2013); c) he wants to be governor of Virginia; and d) he sees a path to victory as a moderate/independent candidate in a field including Cuccinelli and McAuliffe. This race could get even more interesting than it already is if Bolling runs as an independent. Personally, I’m stocking up on popcorn.

    UPDATE: The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Bill Bolling will not endorse Ken Cuccinelli, saying “I have serious reservations about his ability to effectively and responsibly lead the state…And given those reservations, I could not in good conscience endorse his candidacy for governor.” Ouch.

    UPDATE #2: Of course, the risk is that Bolling would end up like this, which would be amusing if nothing else. How about “We want to go bowling! We want to go bolling!” No, doesn’t have the same ring to it as “We want Potts!” We want pots!” LOL

    UPDATE #3: TPM reports that Bolling has “canceled his appearance at an annual state GOP retreat this weekend.” Nice.  

    • loudoun independent

      b) Bob McDonnell has endorsed Bill Bolling; its plastered on everything Bill Bolling produces. That won’t be a cause.

    • kindler

      …Bolling has been the epitome of the good soldier, putting his own ambitions on ice for the good of his party — and then getting screwed when Cuccinelli refused to play by the same set of rules.  

      Sure, all’s fair in love, politics and war.  But by the same token, Bolling doesn’t have to keep playing nice guy if he doesn’t want to.  Cuccinelli as GOP gubernatorial nominee creates a huge imbalance in that he is such an unabashed, unrepetant extremist.  It certainly opens up space for an independent candidate.  I sure wouldn’t blame the Bollster…