Election Reveals Serious Problems for GOP (Heh Heh)


    The chorus of Republicans agonizing over the results Tuesday –  a re-elected Democratic president, all the Democratic incumbent senators re-elected, the loss of two seats in the Senate and up to eight in the House – reveal for all to see a party that is floundering in the confusion of an emerging world it doesn’t understand.

    The GOP lost the unmarried women’s vote 68% to 30%. Overall, their “gender gap” was almost 12%. With women comprising 51% of the country, and a larger part of the electorate, that’s no way to win a national election. The gap with Latino voters was even worse. While they accounted for 10% of all voters, Romney only got 29% of their vote. Almost 75% of  Asians went for President Obama. All voters under the age of 44 gave a majority of their votes to the President, who also maintained his margin of 93% among African-Americans.

    We all learned in this election season that Republicans often have a difficult time with arithmetic. Nothing shows that more than the fact that they assumed the electorate in 2012 would be 78% white. It turned out to be 72%.

    Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. Simply muffling the voices of the crazies in their party like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock won’t change the fact that almost 90% of the Republican members of Congress are older, white males who seem tone deaf to the concerns of the changing demographics of the nation. Republicans have spent decades using fear, prejudice and voter suppression to get their candidates elected. The time has come for them to return to responsible conservatism and end their foray on the dark side.

    As for my party, the Democratic Party, we have to find a way to engage our voters in every election, not just once every four years. When turnout is high, Democrats win. When some of us stay home, we lose. That problem needs to be faced in Virginia right away. 2013 is closing in fast.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight had an interesting observation today:

      “Virginia, in fact, was incrementally more Democratic-leaning than the country as a whole this year, voting for Mr. Obama by three percentage points.”

      Now, to translate that into non-presidential years….

    • kindler

      But I’ve learned over the years to never underestimate the marketing power of the Republican party.

      Yeah, they did a crappy job this time, and they have to figure out how to attract more types of voters than cranky old white guys.  

      But I can easily envision them putting on a “kindler and gentler” face next time, with a Marco Rubio or Bobby Jindal or Susana Martinez at the top of the ticket.  Yes, they’d have to muzzle rabid lunatics like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and the rest.  But if they can’t do that, then their party deserves to die out like the Whigs.  

      Chances are, they’ll be back.  And we can’t let our guard down next time — like we did in 2010.

    • blue bronc

      Two days of soul searching and not one of the “leaders” of the Republican Party has actually gone to the causes of why the party is swirling the drain. The delusional view of America is so instilled in them they cannot even move out of it. Wednesday I read one “analysis” in the Examiner, a small format newspaper for Metro riders, which was about how the real America, the writer actually sketched out a 1950’s black and white fictional television program scene as the real America, did not turn out to vote.

      That a fictional television scene is the Republican view of the world is important. The writer also described the America of his delusion was racially happy, no problems with anything or even Brown v. Board. The way I read that was all minorities knew their place and did not vote.

      Until the major Republican television and radio personalities start talking about the real America the Republicans will continue to sink and go away.