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Rand “Aqua Buddha” Paul Endorses Ken Kookinelli for Governor


A few minutes ago on his Facebook page, Ken Cuccinelli announced the big news: “I’m honored to have Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement. We need leadership in Washington and in Virginia that will address the real budget problem–too much spending. We need to leave money in the hands of hard-working Americans.”

In “honor” of this fine endorsement, one loonytunes of another loonytunes, I thought it was worth posting this video. Enjoy! 😉

  • I can’t wait for this ignorant buffoon to endorse Kookinelli as well. More loonytunes of a feather flocking together would certainly be appropriate.

  • Paba

    When that campaign started to go after weird stuff from his college days and drug his religion into it, they absolutely tanked. Like, they went from tied to 6 feet under in a week. No one cares about stupid stuff like that. Go after Paul’s stances on the issues.

  • ForwardProgress

    Bigotry is a Shame,

    Not a Value.