Roanoke City Council plans to limit the right to vote


    Here’s the opening of an article now on DailyKOS — the full article is at the link.

    The Roanoke, VA city council has decided that the best way to solve the long wait times for voters in my city is to reduce the voting precincts from 32 to 19.

    Local television station, WDBJ7, has a report stating there could be a $10,000 per year savings if the measure were passed.

    The Roanoke  NAACP is rightfully arguing the change would affect the most poor and disabled and prevent many working people from casting a ballot if the wait times were increased beyond the half day (work day) most voters experienced this past election cycle.

    The President of the Roanoke NAACP says if this plan is approved, the wait times could be even longer and many people won’t even cast their ballot because of fewer neighborhood polling places.

    Roanoke City Council sees this as purely a cost saving measure.

    “It costs us $30,000–over $30,000 to have an election. I think we could bring it down to $20,000. It could save us $10,000,” said Tinsley.…

    Hmmmm.  Let me guess:  The Roanoke city council is dominated by Republicans?