• As Governor and Senator, Mark Warner has made Virginia proud with a record of pragmatic leadership and bipartisan results. I’ve known Mark Warner for over 30 years and throughout that time he has always been focused on common sense solutions that help Virginia families. Virginia is lucky to have someone with his character and dedication representing us in Washington.

    One of the reasons I am running for Governor is to continue the Warner tradition of common sense leadership that puts economic growth and fiscal responsibility ahead of divisive partisan issues.

  • “Mark is a trusted friend and colleague of more than three decades. I was proud to partner with him in Richmond to strengthen Virginia’s economy and I look forward to continuing that partnership in Washington as we work to tackle pressing fiscal and economic challenges.”

  • Paba

    Never have I doubted that Warner or Kaine meant what they said, be it timid and measuredly centrist or modestly progressive.

    I wish I could say that about more past, present, and especially future governors.