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Virginia News Headlines: Election Day (Go Obama!)


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Election Day, November 6, 2012. Go Obama (and Democrats everywhere)! Polls in Virginia are, as always, open from 6 am until 7 pm – go vote, and don’t let anyone you know forget to vote. For more motivation, check out President Obama’s emotional final rally of the campaign, before a huge crowd “where it all began,” late last night in Des Moines, Iowa.

*The trouble with Obama’s Silver lining (Michael Gerson – George W. Bush’s speechwriter, which really says it all! – gets the award for most absurd, most insipid, most idiotic final column of the 2012 election season — and that’s really saying something! Check out the top comments, which begin: “So when Gerson writes a spiteful and hate-filled column about the president every few days, that’s considered part of a ‘noble enterprise’? Spare me. Nate Silver at least doesn’t have a raging moral superiority complex.”)

*Nov. 5: Late Poll Gains for Obama Leave Romney With Longer Odds (Speaking of Nate Silver, who has more intelligence in his left toenail than Michael Gerson has in his entire body…91.6% chance of an Obama victory today. Now let’s do it!)

*President Obama crushes Romney in Hart’s Location, New Hampshire (Hahahaha.)

*Chris Christie Denied Mitt Romney Request To Appear At Campaign Event Days Ahead Of 2012 Election (Hey, it’s the Jersey way! LOL)

*Endorsements for 2012 election (Obama, Kaine, No on Ballot Question #1)

*Now, it’s the voters’ turn to speak in race (“Polls show Obama with edge; Romney to campaign Tuesday in Pa. and Ohio.”)

*Romney changes his tune (“In the last days of his campaign, he is an almost entirely different candidate.” This guy gives me vertigo!)

*Virginia voters finally get to have their say Tuesday

*While polls show Kaine has an edge, GOP turnout and organization could even the equation (Let’s make sure the equation is NOT evened – GOTV!)

*Allen, Kaine bask in glow of top of tickets (“At rallies, Senate rivals share stages with Biden, Romney”)

*Voters settle Virginia’s marquee Senate race today

*Editorial: The election’s end is in sight (“After suffering through a painful, partisan election season, Virginians finally can cast their ballots.”)

*Santorum gives final push for Romney in Harrisonbur (Yep, it’s Mr. “Man on Dog” for Mr. “Dog on Roof!” LOL)

*Valley Campaigns Makes Final Push Ahead of Election Day

*Schmookler talks state of the race on Election Eve (Go Andy!)

*Will Eric Cantor remain a prominent Capitol Hill figure after Tuesday? (Probably, but let’s hope not!)

*Editorial: Virginia’s disenfranchised (“Virginia is still more restrictive than most states in restoring voting rights.”)

*Full report on Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Roanoke (Gotta love the irrepressible Joe Biden – “Look at that size of that pie! Holy moley!”)

*Ryan to make Election Day stop in Richmond

*The only poll that matters (“Voting remains the single most important means to support our democratic republic, the single biggest civic obligation of its citizens.”)

*Stevie Wonder, backing Obama, plays to capacity crowd in Scope

*State Police spent nearly $33k on OT for October political rallies (Money well spent if you ask me.)

*Obama’s success at filling judicial vacancies in Virginia

*D.C., Maryland residents help mobilize vote in Virginia

*Fairfax hopes for high turnout at new round of transportation meetings

*Shanahan: Quotes misinterpreted

*Freeze warning issued for D.C. area