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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning (4 More Years Edition!)


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, November 7. One of the sweetest days of our lives! 🙂

*A SECOND TERM (Wait, you mean the Post still isn’t saying it’s a “virtual dead heat?” LOL)

*Obama’s second term: Change you can really believe in

*A big win for Democrats and liberals (“Mere months after everything seemed against the president, he won reelection resoundingly.”)

*Latino Voters In Election 2012 Help Sweep Obama To Reelection (We’re going to be seeing a LOT more headlines like that in coming years if Republicans don’t seriously change their ways…)

*What’s next for the Republican Party after last night’s many defeats? (I couldn’t agree more with Waldo; it’s time for the once-great GOP to shed its anti-intellectual and anti-science attitude, its John Bircher wackos, etc., and give the nation a REAL “second party to participate in the political process.” Right now, sadly, we don’t have one.)

*Dionne: Obama’s victory should settle argument

*President Obama’s second term: Now the hard work really begins.

*Democrats retain majority in Senate (Thank you Tea Party for Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and all the other unelectable wackjobs you keep insisting on nominating over more moderate Republicans who would have been 100% locks for reelection. Brilliant!!!)

*Kaine beats Allen in $80M Va. bid

*Analysis: Kaine’s message worked; Allen’s didn’t (Wait, you mean people don’t want their soft teeth smashed down their whiny throats? They don’t like being called racial epithets by a bully? They don’t like a “my way or the highway” approach? They want a Senator who isn’t a puppet of the Dirty Energy industry? They want a Senator with a BRAIN?!? Go figure!)

*How Kaine won the Va. Senate race (“The Democrat’s strategic decisions in the race against George Allen proved correct”)

*Virginia vote reflects shift in changing demographic (This state is inexorably turning “blue,” as the demographics shift towards a more diverse population. Republicans will need to either adapt or keep losing elections.)

*Fresh from reelection, president finds himself on brink of a ‘fiscal cliff’ (Let’s see if Republicans will finally agree to a balanced approach to dealing with our nation’s fiscal issues, or whether they’ll continue demanding an absurd/disastrous all-cuts approach.)

*Northern Va. incumbents sail to reelection

*Democrats expand Senate grip but fail to win House

*Schapiro analysis: Chesterfield offers clues on Dems’ victory in Virginia

*Gov. Bob McDonnell statement on Tim Kaine’s Senate win

*Results: Rigell keeps 2nd Congressional District seat

*Cantor routs Powell in 7th (As expected, sadly…)

*Wittman cruises to 3rd term

*Democratic Rep. Gerald E. “Gerry” Connolly re-elected to 3rd term in Virginia’s 11th District

*Eminent domain, veto amendments pass overwhelmingly (Big mistake on the eminent domain amendment, the problem is it seemed fine on the surface – but it most definitely isn’t. Sigh.)

*Bob Goodlatte cruises to victory once again (Too bad, but Andy Schmookler should be proud of the race he ran! If he had only had some money to get his message out…sigh.)

*Schmookler concedes Sixth District race (Andy’s a class act all the way, as this statement demonstrates.)

*Wolf garners 17th term in office (Hey, didn’t this guy promise to be term limited about…oh, more than 17 years ago? So much for that promise…)

*Robert Hurt defeats John Douglass in 5th District

*Editorial: An election about second chances (“President Obama and congressional leaders cannot afford to sacrifice another four years to shabby partisan games and perpetual failure.”)

*Light-rail referendum on track to approval in Virginia Beach

*Arlington voters set to reelect Garvey to board

*Alexandria Democrats unseat GOP incumbents (Finally – bye bye!)

P.S. Oh, and Can we give Nate Silver his due? And can we PLEASE never hear from Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove, Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, Allen West, or any of these wackos ever again? Yeah, I know, no such luck. Heh.)

  • By the way, was Karl Rove correct about ANYTHING this election cycle?  And what did all that Crossroads money get Republicans? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Check this out and see who you should listen to in the future, and who you should NEVER listen to about politics!

    DEFINITELY LISTEN TO:  Nate Silver (nailed it yet again!); Intrade (did well, just missed Florida, as did many of us – myself included); Sam Wang/Princeton Election Consortium, (nailed it, again except for Florida); Kos (nailed it); Joe Trippi (nailed it except for Florida); Josh Putnam of Davidson College (nailed it); Drew Linzer of Emory (came really close to nailing it).

    DEFINITELY DO NOT LISTEN TO: Ross Douthat (at least he called Obama winning, but with just 271 EVs); Dave Weigel (had Romney winning with 276 EVs); Kenneth Bickers and Kevin Berry of the University of Colorado (predicted a 330 EV Romney victory – #FAIL!!!); George Will (the climate science denier predicted Romney with 321 EVs – hahahahaha, what a clown); Ben Domenech (Romney with 278 EVs – yeah right, whatever); Karl Rove (did this guy get ANYTHING right this cycle?!? he truly is, as Dubya nicknamed him, a “turd blossom”); Dick Morris (needs to go back to sucking womens’ toes after his bizarre prediction of a 325-EV Romney landslide); Jim Cramer of CSNBC (I mean, yeah, he got Obama winning, but with a beyond-the-realm-of-the-conceivable 440 EVs – what is this dude smoking?!?); the “Unskewed Polls” dude, who hopefully will fade quickly into the dustbin of history. Oh, and of course NEVER listen to crazy racists Donald Trump or John Sununu about ANYTHING! Or Mark Halperin. Or most other corporate media political pundits…

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The positive nature of Tim Kaine’s final ad blitz…in both English and in Spanish…was such a refreshing change from the attack garbage being hurled by the Allen camp and its out-of-state Super PAC allies that it well may have added to Kaine’s winning margin. He actually bothered to tell voters exactly what he planned to try to do. I know of Republicans who were impressed.