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Audio: Jeannemarie Davis’ Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Interview on the Kojo Nnamdi Show


Wow, what a debacle for Republican LG candidate (and former State Senator) Jeannemarie Davis (formerly Devolites Davis — last we left her in 2007, we were busy helping Chap Petersen unseat her from the State Senate). Let’s start at the beginning of the interview, where she mangles WAMU radio host Kojo Nnamdi’s name, calling him “Kwame” for whatever reason. Hahahaha.

Next, head to the “flip” for more of Davis’ radio interview debacle today. It’s quite amusing to hear her claim that the mandatory ultrasound bill is actually voluntary, that Republicans are actually the better party for the middle class, that Virginia Republican candidates are all one big happy family, that differences in the General Assembly aren’t about party or ideology at all but are all regional in nature, etc, etc. Of course, Jeannemarie Davis has 0.000000000% chance of winning at a GOP convention dominated by the hard right wing, but if she wants to waste her time and money, for the next few months, I suppose it’s her time and money to waste. Meanwhile, enjoy the interview excerpts! 🙂

The first video is Jeannemarie Davis on abortion, transvaginal ultrasound, etc. At the beginning, Davis jokes uncomfortably that she’d rather talk about the Redskins moving to Washington (or probably ANY other subject) than social issues. No wonder why, as social moderates/liberals/”RINO”s like her clearly have no place in today’s hard-right-wing, extreme Republican Party. Anyway, Davis goes on to claim that “everybody realizes” abortion’s not going to become illegal in this country (barring Roe vs. Wade being repealed), completely downplaying/ignoring/poo-poo’ing the relentless war on women’s reproductive freedom being waged by her party. Davis then proceeds to claim that the transvaginal ultrasound bill “impeded” (she meant “intruded” but mangled it, just as she mangled Kojo’s name) into a woman’s life, but that the current external ultrasound law is voluntary, not intrusive, and is important to “help women to understand…what it is they are about to do”. Other than being incredibly patronizing, Davis appears to be wrong on the facts as well: according to this article, “The new bill makes the transvaginal ultrasound voluntary but requires an external, non-invasive, ultrasound.” Hmmmmm.

The next video has Jeannemarie Davis evading a question about Ken Cuccinelli and the fact that her party has gone off the right wing deep end (which, by the way, is why her husband, Tom Davis, decided to ditch his run for the U.S. Senate nomination in 2008). Also hilarious is Davis claiming that there are very few divisions in the Virginia General Assembly, and almost all of them are regional NOT partisan or ideological in nature. Yeah, right! So why do we all think there are ideological and partisan divisions in the Virginia General Assembly? In Jeannemarie Davis’ view, it’s all the media’s fault. Riiiiight! Then there’s the caller who (correctly) rips Republicans for being totally for the wealthy, and Jeannemarie Davis lashing out and claiming: 1) Republicans are only for the wealthy at the federal, not the state, level; 2) the middle class is being “struck upside the head” by Democrats; and 3) Republicans are actually the party of the middle class. Hahahahaha.

Finally, here Jeannemarie Davis is, laughably attempting to argue that Virginia Republican LG candidates – and really, all Virginia Republican candidates – are one big happy family. Deservedly, political reporter Tom Sherwood snorts and snickers at her for that one. Davis also appears to be arguing (I say “appears” because she’s not the most articulate person in the world) that rural candidates, like Creigh Deeds, don’t have the capacity to connect with people in urban/suburban areas like northern Virginia. Can we say “incredibly insulting?” She also seems to make the case that Republicans are better off that Bill Bolling dropped out and that Ken Cuccinelli won’t be contested for the gubernatorial nomination. Uh huh.

So that was Jeannemarie Davis’ terrible, horrible, no good, very bad interview on the Kojo Nnamdi Show this afternoon. Unfortunately for Davis, things aren’t likely to get much better in coming months for her (doomed) candidacy for LG.