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Video: Pat Robertson Says Boy Scouts Letting in “Predators,” “Pedophiles”


Yep, it’s “Bobby” McDonnell’s “dear friend” Pat Robertson (that’s what Pat Robertson calls our governor) at it once again. In this installment, our favorite ignoramus and raging homophobic bigot (and misogynist) claims hysterically that the Boy Scouts letting LGBT people to be members, they’re essentially letting in “predators” and “pedophiles.” I’m sure he has all kinds of evidence to back up that assertion, too. Wait, he’s just pulling it out of his a**? Ahhhh.

By the way, Robertson has donated $715,000 to Virginia Republicans over the years, including  $100,000 or so to his “good friend” “Bobby.” Nice, huh?

  • Progressive86

    I think we have Pat all wrong. What Pat really is attempting to say is that his misguided youth has caused a rupture in his ability to be a decent human-being. Pat, if the little you is still inside, know that the world will not descend into a pit of hell if we accept people for who they are!