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McAuliffe Campaign Raises $5.1 Million, 72% Virginians, $100k from Bill Clinton


The deadline for 1Q13 Virginian candidates’ fundraising numbers is Monday, so we can expect a deluge of reports and press releases shortly. For now, here’s a preview of what we can expect from Terry McAuliffe’s campaign (numbers below are courtesy of the McAuliffe campaign) later today.

*Total raised: ~$5.1 million

*>3,600 Virginians contributed

*~72% of McAuliffe for Governor donors were Virginians

*~74% of donations were $100 or less

*A particularly notable – and generous – donation came from President Bill Clinton, for $100,000.

These are impressive numbers no matter how you look at them. To give them some context, Bob McDonnell’s campaign for governor raised $2.2 million in 1Q09. Terry McAuliffe’s total for 1Q13 is more than twice that. Also of interest: in 1Q05, Tim Kaine raised $2.6 million for his gubernatorial run, about half of what Terry McAuliffe raised in 1Q13. No, money’s not everything, but I’d remind everyone that both Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell were elected governor. Just sayin’. 🙂

  • McAuliffe Raises $5.1 Million in First Quarter

    Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign announced today that he raised about $5.1 million during the first quarter.  More than 3,600 Virginians contributed, making up about 72% of the contributors.  About 74% of the donations were for $100 or less.  This strong grassroots support from Virginians stands in stark contrast to Ken Cuccinelli, whose largest backer to date is the extreme anti-abortion group Susan B Anthony List.

    “I’m grateful to the thousands of Virginians who have supported my campaign,” said Terry McAuliffe.  “Everywhere I go people are looking for a Governor who will focus on mainstream ideas to grow the economy and make Virginia the best for business, not on a divisive ideological agenda.”

    “There is a stark contrast in this race in the focus of the two candidates. Terry has been traveling around Virginia talking about mainstream ideas to grow the economy,” said McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin. “Ken Cuccinelli has been in DC with his biggest financial supporter, the anti-women’s health Susan B Anthony List, hiding from the public and the press to avoid questions about his divisive ideological agenda and ongoing conflict of interest scandal.”

  • kindler

    And the fact that it’s mostly Virginians and mostly small donations is huge.  

    Besides demonstrating Terry’s skill at fundraising, it shows how good Cuccinelli is at motivating people — his opponents, that is.