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Under Pressure, Cuccinelli Recuses from Second Star Scientific Conflict of Interest


From the Democratic Party of Virginia, we can see that Ken Cuccinelli’s “stench” is growing nastier and nastier by the day. 

Richmond, VA – Democratic of Party Virginia spokesman Brian Coy released the following statement today responding to the Associated Press report that Ken Cuccinelli admitted his conflict of interest in the embezzlement case against a former chef at the Virginia Governor’s mansion and recused himself from the case:

“It’s a disgrace to Virginia that our Attorney General has been forced to step aside in two legal cases because he is wrapped up in an ongoing ethics scandal with Star Scientific. It is also a further reminder of how inappropriate it is for Cuccinelli to investigate his own failure to disclose his Star Scientific stock on his Statement of Economic Interest. It’s time for Ken Cuccinelli to resign and give Virginians the transparency and accountability they deserve in an Attorney General.”

On Saturday Cuccinelli told the Washington Examiner that he saw no need to investigate whether he violated state law by failing to disclose that he owned Star Scientific stock and mischaracterizing a campaign trip the company paid for him to take as only a “meeting.” 

  • McAuliffe Campaign Statement on Cuccinelli’s Forced Recusal Due to Star Scientific Conflict of Interest

    Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released the following statement regarding news that Ken Cuccinelli has, under pressure, recused himself from a second Star Scientific related legal case:

    “Once again after getting caught in an ethics conflict, Ken Cuccinelli is admitting he can’t adequately represent Virginia taxpayers,” said McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin.  “While Cuccinelli has now admitted having conflicts of interest on two legal cases that he tried to oversee until being caught, he is still refusing to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate his own inaccurate Statement of Economic Interest.”

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Yet further proof that Cuccinelli should have resigned as attorney general before running for governor. The people to punish him for his sleazy behavior should be the voters in November. We’ll just have to wait and see…


    Leesburg – Senator Mark Herring (Loudoun & Fairfax) released the following statement following the news that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has again recused himself from a case involving Star Scientific:

    “Doing the right thing only after you’ve already been caught isn’t good enough. The Attorney General should know that. That’s too low a standard. The people of Virgnia have a right to expect more from their public officials. Ken Cuccinelli’s ethical lapses and involvement with the company Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams have cost Virginians yet again. For a second time, Ken Cuccinelli has been forced to recuse himself from a case involving Star Scientific. On April 11, I called for a federal investigation of Cuccinelli and Governor McDonnell, and their relationship with Star Scientific and Williams. Since then, more information has only made my call for an independent, outside investigation more urgent. Virginians deserve to know the truth. Cuccinelli’s continued excuses and his refusal to admit to his ethical lapses are hindering our ability to learn the facts and get to the bottom of this matter.”

  • From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

    Today, the Office of the Attorney General admitted that Ken Cuccinelli and his office have “a conflict of interest in the continued investigation and prosecution of this matter.”  The admission of a conflict of interest comes after Cuccinelli himself stated repeatedly that his handling of cases in involving Star Scientific is not a conflict.

    “Ken Cuccinelli’s own office admitted today that Cuccinelli’s involvement in the Star Scientific scandal is ‘a conflict of interest’ that prevents him from doing his job,” said McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin. “Virginia taxpayers should not have to pay the salary of an Attorney General who is called out for conflicts of interest by his own office.”  


    Cuccinelli’s office today on case involving Star: “the Office has a conflict of interest in the continued investigation and prosecution of this matter.” [Washington Post]

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