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Virginia’s Next AG, Mark Herring, Announces “Equality Agenda” for LGBT, and All, Virginians


Please click here or on the image to view the entire “Equality Agenda,” in .pdf format, from Virginia’s next Attorney General – one we can all be proud of for a change! – Mark Herring. Here are a few highlights, and note the glaring contrast with Ken Cuccinelli’s far-right-wing, ideologically extremist, homophobic and anti-women’s-rights agenda. Note also that the two Republicans (Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell) running for AG have talked about how Cuccinelli is a model for them. In short, they are “Cuccinelli clones,” as Mark Herring puts it. And that’s the LAST thing Virginia needs!  Instead, how about….

*”Mark will use the power of the Attorney General to support initiatives to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Virginians from discrimination and disparate treatment in state and local agencies and programs.”

*”As Attorney General, Mark will partner with local school divisions to implement the new law and adopt anti-bullying policies that include and protect LGBT students”

*”Mark Herring believes that civil marriage is a fundamental right, and he supports marriage equality for same-gender couples.”

*”Mark believes that it is wrong that Virginia law currently requires state and local government social services agencies to contract with, and fund with taxpayer dollars, adoption and foster care agencies that actively discriminate against LGBT Virginians seeking to adopt children.”

This is great stuff, far beyond what any other candidate for Virginia Attorney General has ever proposed, and a strong reason to enthusiastically support Mark Herring’s campaign. Thanks.

UPDATE: On a conference call a few minutes ago, Sen. Adam Ebbin said that Sen. Herring is “running without reservation…about his support for [the LGBT] community.” More broadly, Ebbin argued that Mark Herring is the best person to restore the integrity of the office of Attorney General after Ken Cuccinelli has “lowered it in a non-professional way.” Ebbin added that the public is more than ready for – in fact expects – an AG like Mark Herring who stands up for equality for all Virginians, and has done so for many years. Ebbin added that Mark Herring has shown his electability over the years by winning votes from independents, and is the most electable Democratic candidate as well as the best candidate for AG on the merits. Ebbin added, “the Republican alternatives are frightening.”

Respected Virginia LGBT activist Charley Conrad talked about his strong support for Mark Herring. Conrad talked specifically about the importance of strong anti-bullying measures being implemented, and praised Sen. Herring for supporting these measures. Conrad also said he is very pleased by Sen. Herring’s non-discrimination pledge in his own office. Conrad added that we can’t afford any more of the “craziness” we’ve seen from the AG’s office, but instead we need “true equality leadership” from Mark Herring.

UPDATE #2: Sen. Herring was asked (by the Washington Blade) about the controversy over Cuccinelli’s defense of Virginia’s “Crimes Against Nature” (anti-sodomy) law. Herring responded, “Ken Cuccinelli is wrong on this, and it shows he is captive of the hard right wing of the Republican Party and he’s using this to try to galvanize the far right in his campaign, and shows why he would be a bad governor and why he’s not been a good Attorney General.”

Sen. Herring ripped Ken Cuccinelli on his persecution of leading climate scientist Michael Mann as “wrong” and “downright unAmerican.” Herring added, “That kind of attack on science went out with Galileo..

Sen. Herring said that Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell would take the AG office in the same direction as Ken Cuccinelli has done – they’ve both voted in lockstep against a woman’s right to choose, supported anti-LGBT legislation, etc. Sen. Ebbin added that Sen. Obenshain carried the bill to allow discrimination at Virginia universities. Herring emphasized that “Virginia deserves better” than the type of policies pushed by Ken Cuccinelli and his clones, Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell.

P.S. Yet again, this makes me proud to be supporting – and consulting for – Mark Herring for Attorney General!


    Leesburg – Democratic candidate for Attorney General State Senator Mark Herring (Loudoun & Fairfax) unveiled his three-point “Equality Agenda” on a phone call with reporters today that featured State Senator Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) and founding member and past Chair of the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia Charley Conrad.

    Herring’s “Equality Agenda” reaffirms his commitment to use the powers of the Attorney General’s office to protect the civil rights of all Virginians and to promote equality.

    “As I travel across the Commonwealth, the message is consistent and clear: Virginians are ready for fundamental change in the office of Attorney General,” Mark Herring stated.  “That change starts with having an Attorney General who will promote equality, rather than sow division.  I’m committed to an Equality Agenda because I believe it’s time we had an Attorney General who will protect and defend the civil rights of all Virginians.”

    Herring’s “Equality Agenda” consists of three overarching components:

    1. Prohibiting Discrimination In State and Local Government

    2. Protecting Children And Ensuring Safety In Our Schools

    3. Promoting Strong Families

    “Mark Herring was one of the first to speak out against Ken Cuccinelli’s harmful opinion that attacked Virginia’s public colleges and universities, and he fought alongside me in the Senate against legislation that allows taxpayer-funded adoption and foster care agencies to discriminate against LGBT Virginians,” Senator Ebbin said.

    “I’ve worked with him directly in the General Assembly. I know not just the kind of Senator he is, but the kind of person he is. And I’m supporting him because I know the type of Attorney General he’ll be. He is the best candidate from the Democratic Party, he is the best candidate running whatsoever for Attorney General. Virginians can trust Mark Herring to fight for their civil rights and put an end to the discriminatory practices and policies we’ve experienced under Ken Cuccinelli that do not reflect the true nature of our Commonwealth,” Ebbin added.

    “Mark Herring has the experience fighting in the General Assembly on issues that are important to the LGBT community in Virginia,” Charley Conrad stated. “From co-sponsoring legislation to end discrimination in state hiring, to supporting efforts to strengthen Virginia’s laws against bullying in our schools, Mark is the person we need in the Attorney General’s office fighting to make our Commonwealth more inclusive.”

    The campaign also announced the formation of an “LGBT Virginians for Herring” steering committee consisting of:

    ·        Senator Adam Ebbin

    ·        Danny Barefoot – LGBT Activist

    ·        Charley Conrad – Past Chair, LGBT Caucus, Democratic Party of Virginia

    ·        Sean Holihan – Past Chair, Equality Virginia PAC

    ·        Kris McLaughlin – Past President, Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance

    ·        Seth Morrison – Consultant and Activist

    ·         Jim Schuyler – Richmond Resident

    The “Equality Agenda” can be viewed in its entirety on the campaign’s website: http://www.HerringForAG.com/EqualityAgenda.

  • BlueVoteVA13

    Herring gets it. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard an AG candidate commit to just doing the job correctly! The AG needs to protect all Virginians under the laws of our Commonwealth and Mark’s equality agenda does just that. Cucinelli used the AG’s office as his political playpen to set his extreme right-wing platform. Cucinelli Clones Obenshain and Bell don’t seem like they’re ready to join the rest of the state and country in promoting equality and will continue to engage in discriminatory practices. I can’t understand how they can defend the role of limited government, yet actively promote public policies that deny people life, liberty and property. I cannot wait for Herring to get into that AG’s office!