New Ads and Website: Highlights Cuccinelli-Jackson-Obenshain Extremism


    From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

    Today, the Democratic Party of Virginia began running web advertising linking to a new website,, that highlights the extreme similarity of Ken Cuccinelli, EW Jackson and Mark Obenshain.

    “The dangerous rhetoric and policy goals of Cuccinelli, Jackson and Obenshain are not good for Virginia,” said DPVA Chair Charniele Herring. “From pushing bills that would ultimately ban common forms of birth control and require police reporting of miscarriages, to launching cruel attacks on gay Virginians, this Tea Party ticket would undermine Virginia’s reputation as a great place to do business and raise a family.”

    The website highlights some of the Tea Party ticket’s extreme positions that have gained attention recently including:

    • Cuccinelli and Obenshain’s fight to pass ‘personhood’ legislation that would ban common forms of birth control and outlaw abortion in all cases.
    • Cuccinelli and Jackson’s comparison of legal abortion rights to slavery.
    • Cuccinelli and Jackson’s vicious attacks on gay Virginians, including Cuccinelli’s statement that gay individuals are ‘destroying’ their body and soul.
    • Cuccinelli’s belief that President Obama may be from Kenya and Jackson’s belief that the President is not a Christian.
    • Cuccinelli, Jackson and Obenshain’s attempts to stop passage of Governor McDonnell’s bipartisan transportation compromise.
    • Obenshain’s push to force women suffering a miscarriage to report to police within 24 hours or face criminal penalty
    • FWfromNOVA

      It is weird, unnatural and unnerving how much these three stooges are preoccupied with other people’s sex lives, and uteruses that don’t belong to their wives. Normal people have other things to think about. If you are against abortion don’t get one, if you’re against gay sex , don’t have it. It’s that simple.  I would never have seven kids and homeschool them like Cooch’s wife, so guess what? I only had two and they attend public schools. Why is is that these right wing nutjobs always take about freedom and limited government except when it comes to sex, gay or straight?

    • Every time you think that Ken Cuccinelli and EW Jackson can’t get any crazier, they do. It’s hard to know where to start, but check out Planned Parenthood’s Fact Sheet debunking the Margaret Sanger conspiracy theory.