PPP: McAuliffe 42%-Cuccinelli 37%; Dems Lead for Virginia LG, AG as Well


    Solid poll results by Public Policy Polling (if you’re a Virginia Democrat, that is). 🙂

    *”PPP’s new poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race finds Terry McAuliffe leading Ken Cuccinelli 42%-37%.

    *”McAuliffe’s favorability rating is 29% favorable to 33% unfavorable. Cuccinelli’s favorability is solidly negative, with 32% holding positive views and 44% negative.”

    *”Democrat Aneesh Chopra would beat Republican E.W. Jackson in the lieutenant gubernatorial race 36%-29%. The other Democratic primary candidate, Ralph Northam, leads Jackson 35%-29%.

    *”Republican Mark Obenshain narrowly leads Democrat Justin Fairfax in the Attorney General’s race, 32%-30%. Fairfax’s Democratic primary rival, Mark Herring, is up over Obenshain 33%-32%.”

    *”Aneesh Chopra holds the lead in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. He leads Ralph Northam 27%-18%.

    *”Democrats support Mark Herring over Justin Fairfax…22% for Herring to 19% for Fairfax.

    In sum, with a ticket of Terry McAuliffe for governor, either Aneesh Chopra or Ralph Northam for LG, and Mark Herring for AG, Democrats lead all three Virginia statewide races at this point. And remember, Terry McAuliffe has barely started to communicate, let alone about how extreme the Republican ticket is. What can Republicans say about Terry? Keep saying he’s an “outsider” or whatever idiocy they come up with? The fact is, Terry’s a mainstream, middle-of-the-road Democrat, while the Republicans are right-wing extremists. It’s going to be hard to convince Virginia Democrats and independents otherwise…

    • Oakton Mom

      but where are the results on the question of how to pronounce GIF?  (I participated in this poll and was flummoxed by that question until I heard something over the weekend about the “controversy” over how it should be pronounced.)

    • kindler

      “Cuccinelli has a big problem with independent voters. Only 25% have a favorable opinion of him to 51% with a negative one, and he trails McAuliffe by 11 points with them at 39/28.”

    • Harkov311

      The truth is, all the statewide office holders in VA right now were born somewhere else.  McDonnell is from PA, Cooch is from NJ, even Bolling is from next-door WV.  On the federal level, Warner is from IN and Kaine is from MO.  Until Kaine came in earlier this year, in fact, Webb was the only native-born Virginian among the whole bunch.

      And the the GOP think the non-native thing is going to fly in NoVA or Hampton Roads, where most of the population isn’t native-born, they’re deluding themselves.