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Herring: Obenshain Not Honest About His Miscarriage Bill


From the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign, this press release references Republican AG nominee Mark Obenshain’s appearance on the John Fredericks Show earlier today. In that appearance, Obenshain claimed that he pulled the bill because it was “too broad.” In fact, what’s really going on here is Obenshain trying to rewrite history, change the narrative away from one that is damaging to him to one that’s more favorable – albeit untrue. Nice try, but no cigar as the saying goes…

Leesburg – Democratic nominee for Attorney General State Senator Mark Herring (Loudoun and Fairfax) issued this statement today following comments made by Senator Mark Obenshain on the John Fredericks Show this morning in regards to legislation he sponsored that would have required women who suffer a miscarriage to report it to the police:

“Mark Obenshain is not being honest with voters. His bill would have treated women who suffer through miscarriages as criminals. It was so extreme that he had to pull the bill because of a firestorm of opposition.

“And Obenshain knew exactly what he was doing when he introduced the bill. He saw just a few sessions earlier the outrage caused by a similar bill introduced in the House of Delegates.

“Mark Obenshain knew what he was doing – pandering to his extreme base so he could make it through the same convention that nominated E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor. Obenshain’s record of attacking women’s health through his career couldn’t be more clear.”

  • demomatic

    Didn’t Obenshain patron this bill two years in a row? Good at lying- bad at AG-

  • jackieh

    Isn’t this what is now going on?  These right wing crazies say the most outrageous things, propose outrageous bills against women, gays, other ethnic groups, etc.  They get the media all riled up and THEY GET ALL THE FREE PUBLICITY THEY COULD ASK FOR.  Then, when we are all totally outraged and want to lynch the bastards, they back off and say, “Oh, that wasn’t exactly what I meant.  My statements were taken out of context.”  They are all doing it and we are, well most of us, crying for their blood.  And the media loves it.