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Ken Cuccinelli Gives “Laugh Worthy” Performance at NOVA Technology Council Forum


The following press release is from the McAuliffe for Governor campaign. I just got back from the forum, should have some video this afternoon…

At the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Terry McAuliffe presented his plan to strengthen the innovation economy through transportation, workforce training and a focus on jobs. It was evident why he has picked up so much support from prominent Republicans, backers of Governor McDonnell, and business leaders.

Ken Cuccinelli made the audience laugh – for all the wrong reasons. Northern Virginia business leaders actually laughed out loud when Cuccinelli claimed he has not spent too much time on social issues. They laughed out loud.                                                                                          

And it is comical. Cuccinelli said he would spend the “rest of our lives” fighting for legislation that would outlaw abortion and even ban some common forms of birth control. He pushed unnecessary regulations on women’s health clinics and said “the ultimate goal which is to make abortion disappear.” And he’s launched mean-spirited attacks on gay Virginians, saying that being gay, “brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul.”

Cuccinelli’s claim was comical. And he earned the laughs.

Loudoun Times: “A few folks in the #VAtechforum audience laughed when Cuccinelli said he hasn’t overdone social issues as politician.”

Washington Examiner: “Cuccinelli: “My track record is one of defending life and families, but I don’t overdo this.” Some in the audience laughed.”

  • Cuccinelli also claims that coal tax credits are “on the table.”

  • He also claims that what he says he’ll is exactly what he ends up doing. Cuccinelli even quotes Del. Scott Surovell that “Ken’s just doing exactly what he said he was going to do.” The problem is, that’s exactly what scares a lot of Virginians!

  • After repeatedly bashing Mississippi, Ken Cuccinelli responds to a question by basically saying that he wouldn’t make the same insults directly to Haley Barbour’s face. #FAIL

  • Yet another #CuccinelliFAIL

  • Laughter about 1:17 into the video, for ZERO self awareness by Ken Kookinelli. Amazing.

  • From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

    McAuliffe Campaign Agrees to VBA Format; Urges Cuccinelli To Finally Accept Five Proposed Debates

    The McAuliffe campaign has agreed to rules and a format for the Virginia Bar Association debate on July 20th.  The agreement includes candidate-to-candidate questions, after Ken Cuccinelli’s staff refused to discuss compromises proposed by the VBA and threatened to walk away.  

    “Terry’s looking forward to this great debate.  We and the VBA now have a better sense of why Mr. Cuccinelli has been on the opposite side of bipartisan progress in Richmond his entire career,” said McAuliffe senior advisor Ellen Qualls.  “We hope since Mr. Cuccinelli is so focused on format precedents, he’ll consider following Terry’s lead and agree to the rest of the five traditional debates done in statewide races and stop bringing so much drama and gridlock to the process.”

  • Terry talks about the value of his business background to understanding how to grow Virginia’s economy. He says he will not bring a social agenda to the governor’s mansion, that he will be a “brick wall to protect women, to make sure that their rights are not taken away from them,” and against the type of legislation that “made us a laughingstock on national television.” He adds that he trusts women “to make their own decisions,” and as governor he’ll focus on “the things that matter to families, like a job…that’s the most important family value to me.”  He says “you cannot refer to gay Virginians as folks who have lost their souls – you can’t.” And you “can’t sponsor legislation that if anyone speaks anything inside the workplace outside of English you can be fired for that.” “I want us to be the most open, welcoming state in the nation.” “I will veto any legislation that is taking rights away from women, I promise you that.”

  • Cuccinelli slickly glosses over the fact that his tax plan would be disastrous to localities, forcing them to jack up their taxes to compensate for the state-level tax cuts to rich people which Ken Cuccinelli intends to provide. Yet again, #FAIL

  • other than his usual anti-government, private-sector-is-god blather.