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NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC Endorses Mark Herring for Attorney General


Yet another superb endorsement for Virginia’s next Attorney General, and the first one in several years that we can truly be proud of, Mark Herring. Don’t forget to vote for Mark – and for a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body – next Tuesday!

Leesburg – State Senator Mark Herring (Loudoun and Fairfax) received the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC today in the Democratic primary for Attorney General.

“Over the last several years, Ken Cuccinelli and Republicans in the General Assembly have punished Virginia women for making their own private health care decisions. I have worked with NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia to fight back against their war on women in Richmond, and I am honored to have their endorsement in my race for Attorney General.

“As Attorney General, I will stand up for every woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, just as I have in the Senate, and will continue to defend women’s reproductive health care rights.”

Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC, stated:

“Senator Mark Herring is one of Virginia’s strongest champions for women’s privacy, rights, and reproductive freedom. In addition to fighting for accessible and affordable women’s health care and comprehensive sex education, Senator Herring has been on the front lines of the fight against burdensome and politically-motivated targeted regulations on women’s health centers (TRAP). He introduced and advocated strongly for two pieces of legislation to repeal or modify TRAP regulations during the 2013 General Assembly Session.

“Since he was elected to the Senate in 2006, Mark Herring’s unwavering pro-choice advocacy has consistently earned him a 100% pro-choice voting record in NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s annual legislative scorecard, and he has played a critical role in the fight to protect the rights and health of Virginia women and families. In recent years Senator Herring has spoken out strongly against increasing anti-choice extremism in Richmond – and in particular, the subverting of Virginians’ rights and manipulation of the regulatory process on clinics by current attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. We are absolutely confident that if elected attorney general Mark Herring will continue his unwavering defense of Virginians’ fundamental reproductive rights under the law.  NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia PAC is proud and honored to endorse him for attorney general.”

  • libra

    their endorsement too. This just landed in my Inbox, from Sen. Barbara Favola:

    NARAL executive director, Tarina Keene, said in the endorsement, “Senator Ralph Northam has spent his career fighting to protect the rights and health of Virginia’s women and families. As the only doctor in the Virginia Senate and a member of the influential Committee on Education and Health, Senator Northam led the fight against the transvaginal ultrasound bill and played a key role in defeating extreme ‘personhood’ legislation. Ralph believes fundamentally that private, personal healthcare decisions should be left to a woman, her family and her doctor – not politicians – and he has been steadfast in his defense of the doctor-patient relationship.”