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Statement from Sen. Northam Campaign on Jay Ford, Anti-LGBT Mailer Story


I wasn’t planning to post on this story (“Would Northam win elevate gay-baiting Republican?“), but I just received the following statement from the Northam for LG campaign and felt that I should pass it along. This whole thing is making my brain hurt. Other than that, I continue to strongly support Aneesh Chopra for the Democratic LG nomination, but not because of this story.

Since taking office in 2008, Ralph Northam has supported marriage equality, voted against discrimination at every turn, and has earned a 100% rating from Equality Virginia. His record includes voting to allow same-sex couples to adopt, to outlaw discrimination in the work place, to extend health insurance to domestic partners, and to confirm the first openly LGBT judge.  When he was attacked by Republicans in his 2011 reelection for his support of the LGBT community, he stood up for equality and won.

This is in fact the same Jay Ford.  Several years ago, he apologized to Delegate Sickles in the General Assembly building and Delegate Sickles accepted the apology. Jay had evolved politically to become a progressive Democrat, and particularly on the issue of LGBT equality.  

Back in 2011 when Jay Ford was hired by Northam for Senate, it was Sean Holihan, board member of Equality Virginia and former Virginia Young Democrats President, who recommended him to the campaign because of his advocacy for Democratic values through the Virginia Young Democrats.

P.S. I definitely agree with NLS on this point: “Unfortunately, the Northam team in this primary has been extremely insular and secretive so the rest of us are left wondering about the Senator who wants to be the tie-breaking vote in the Virginia Senate.”

  • DJRippert

    Dear Democrats:

    Please don’t go down the slimy slope of the RPV and start back-stabbing each other.  The RPV’s actions ahead of their convention and during their convention were a disgrace.

    Until (if) the RPV gets “fixed” the DPVA is the only refuge for us moderates.

    Leave the mindless back-stabbing to the Va GOP.

  • pontoon

    We’ve gotten through most of the campaign without tearing our Democrat primary candidates down.  Even Chopra’s mailer, while perceived to be negative, I believe, was more an offering of choices based on Mr. Northam’s votes.  However, this nonsense needs to stop before it goes any further.

  • churchlanddem

    Glad to see Senator Northam stay positive throughout the campaign. I wish I could say the same for Chopra. I hope Ralph can pull it off next week. He may not be the slick politician his opponent is, but he is a solid Democrat and there is no doubt in my mind that he is the best and most qualified candidate running.

  • Tom

    I’m still not able to comment directly from the main diary. This is a test to see if I can comment on your comment about writing a full diary on the Chopra vs Northam mailer debate.

    This seems to be working now. The first time I tried it I couldn’t get the Preview button to work so there was no prompt to post,  which I now see.

    IMHO you have allowed and encouraged some very informative discussion about the two Dem. LG candidates, which I believe will enable all of to come together very quickly to strongly support all our nominees.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing you, Lowell, and many of the other BV diarists and commenters at the 28-30 JJ Weekend in Richmond.