Video: Ken Cuccinelli vs. Virginia Landowners


    From DPVA: “Ken Cuccinelli was elected to fight for Virginians, but his office has been putting campaign donors ahead of taxpayers. Virginians don’t pay taxes for their Attorney General to spend them helping out of state gas companies avoid paying landowners the royalties they deserve.” This is truly outrageous.

    • johnfredericks

      Hey, where is your 2013 Va Primary Winners and Losers column that you always do? Did I miss it? I did mine! You set a precedent…so…where is it?

      And BTW, you Dems love Chris Christie, don’t ya? Good call. John Fredericks

      And P.S. – Ralph won, if you missed it. And a lot of Repubs backed him. Another good call. My column put him over the top, right? At least I broke my string of voting for four losing LG candidates in a row…phew!