• pvogel

    lots of questions come to mind,  but the biggie for me  is why oh why   do they not even mention  E W Jackson!

  • glennbear

    How come we got stuck behind these d–n gay pride people.

  • demomatic

    “We Shall Overcome” vs “We Shall Crush the Miata”

  • K in VA

    Hugs and kisses to whomever assigned marade positions!

  • kindler

    “This vehicle designed and operated to maximize greenhouse gas emissions, because LIBERTY.”

  • fendertweed

    Looks like Kooch & the American Taliban party of Va. want a little back-door action from the LGBT cohort.

  • libra

    I’d suggest “kiss my rainbow butt”, since I suspect that “suck on my rainbow tailpipe” would be too risque.

    But, what really caught my attention was what, with the inexplicable (?) omission of Eeeew… happened to the “message” on the GOP’s car. If you’re as fond of word games as I am, trying to form acronyms is almost second nature. So I tried this time too, and discovered… It’s not an elephant at all; it’s a COW!

  • Venu

    “Ken. It doesn’t look like the Gays are buying it.”

    “WHAT!? But we even had BALLOONS on the truck this time!”

  • YelowDawg