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Cuccinelli Video #FAIL on How Many Lanes Rt. 58 Is


From the McAuliffe for Governor, campaign, check out this TOTAL #FAIL by Ken Cuccinelli. What a joke.

Cuccinelli Video Bizarrely Claims Route 58 Ends at Martinsville

In an odd attack that can be proven false by simply looking at a photo of the road, Ken Cuccinelli released a video today claiming Terry McAuliffe doesn't know Virginia because he wants to make all of Route 58 four-lanes.  While Cuccinelli's video is based entirely on the idea that Route 58 is already four lanes for its entire length, it ignores entire sections of the critical road that are actually only two lanes.  

"In his zeal to attack Terry, Ken Cuccinelli has once again gone too far and proven he cares more about attacking his opponent than he does about the truth. While there has been an ongoing effort to expand all of Route 58 to be four lanes, that job is far from complete." said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin.  "Although Ken Cuccinelli is apparently unaware, Route 58 crosses the entire Commonwealth, it doesn't end at Martinsville.  Some trucks are actually not permitted to drive through one section, Lover's Leap, because the two-lane road isn't safe for vehicles of that size.  Making 58 four lanes all the way across the Commonwealth would allow goods to be transported out to the commerce of America" 

According to VDOT, about 310 miles of Route 58 were still two lanes as of the end of 2012.  Here's picture of the two-lane Lover's Leap section that causes so much trouble. 

Martinsville Bulletin 7/7/13: The 7.8-mile section of U.S. 58 between Stuart and Vesta is restricted to vehicles of a certain width and length. […] “We do have a problem with” that, Virginia State Police Sgt. J.M. Phillippi said of what is known as the Lovers Leap section. The road “is not designed for” over-length vehicles, he said. “It’s too curvy.” Generally, vehicles longer than 65 feet are restricted, according to the law, which states the actual length of any combination of vehicles coupled together is not to be more than 65 feet long.  Longer vehicles “track into the other lane” and into the path of oncoming traffic when rounding a curve, said Lisa Hughes, resident engineer for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).  That poses a danger not only to the trucks, but also to oncoming vehicles, she said. The road “can accommodate a typical tractor trailer,” but the curves “don’t lend themselves to over-length trucks,” she added.  […] That continued use of the two-lane road by vehicles that exceed the restricted limits “is a concern,” according to Hughes. “It usually comes to our attention when one is” involved in an accident, she said.
McAuliffe Advocated Making All of Route 58 Four Lanes, Opening Communities In the Virginia Bar Association debate, McAuliffe stated, "What Martinsville and other areas need is they need to open up their communities, and how do you do that is — I say — four-lane 58 all the way out from the port, so we can get the goods from the port all the way out to the commerce of America.  That will help them." [Virginia Bar Association Debate, 7/20/13]

McAuliffe “Said U.S. 58 Needs To Be Improved From Martinsville To The State Line”  In April 2013, the Danville Register & Bee reported: “McAuliffe said a strong transportation system is needed to attract businesses, not one that causes drivers to waste hours in traffic jams. He also said U.S. 58 needs to be improved from Martinsville to the state line so that goods brought in through the Port of Virginia can easily be transported to the nation’s ‘bread basket.’” [Danville Register & Bee, 4/29/13] 

  • From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

    As he continues to try to distract Virginians from his extreme agenda and ethics scandals, Ken Cuccinelli “world premiered” a desperate new attack today suggesting that anyone who knows anything about Virginia knows that Route 58 is a 4-lane highway.

    Except where it is a two-lane highway, in the places where Terry McAuliffe has suggested expanding it in order to open Southwest and Southside Virginia to more economic activity.

    “Instead of making craven and blatantly false attacks on an issue that is critically important to Virginia’s economy, Ken Cuccinelli should stand in Lover’s Leap along the two-lane Route 58 and explain why he’s done nothing to expand and modernize Virginia’s infrastructure there and across Virginia,” said former Delegate and House Democratic Leader Ward Armstrong.

    “Virginia needs a Governor who recognizes the critical role transportation funding plays in job creation and economic growth. Terry McAuliffe gets that — unfortunately the most Ken Cuccinelli has to offer is cheap gimmicks and political attacks.”

    Cuccinelli launched a “documentary” today attacking McAuliffe for suggesting that Martinsville would benefit from expanding Route 58 to 4-lanes in Virginia. Many miles along the highway are presently two-lanes, particularly in Southwest Virginia. Cuccinelli’s video makes no mention of any proposal he’s offered or would support in order to bring make all of Route 58 4 lanes.

  • U.S. Route 58 Corridor Development Program:

    Project Description

    The Route 58 Corridor Development Program is a construction project that encompasses close to 680 miles and finances planning, environmental and engineering studies, right of way, and construction.

    Today, about 370 miles are four lanes or more, compared to 240 miles when the program started. Work began on the east coast and is moving westward.

    Project Origination

    The Virginia General Assembly established the Route 58 Corridor Development Program in 1989 to enhance economic development potential across this largely rural portion of the state. Travel is being improved on the mostly two-lane, winding and hilly road, and most work is now completed through Henry County.

  • The Richmonder

    Given Cuccinelli’s opposition to the Transportation Bill and the Silver Line, this seems like a triviality. Cuccinelli is clearly the weaker candidate on the issue of transportation. This smcks of the same kind of trivia as George Allen’s question to Jim Webb about Craney Island during their first debate. It’s trivia, a distraction from Cuccinelli’s weak record on transportation and infrastructure.

  • The Richmonder
  • in response to Cuccinelli’s question regarding economic development in Martinsville:

    “What Martinsville and other areas need is they need to open up their communities, and how do you do that is — I say — four-lane 58 all the way out from the port, so we can get the goods from the port all the way out to the commerce of America.  That will help them.”

    It should go without saying that McAuliffe said “all the way out” – in other words, the entire length of Route 58. It should also go without saying that traffic goes west AND east through Martinsville, from one end of Virginia to to the other. So, again, what is Cuckoo blathering about exactly? Trying to twist Terry’s words into a pretzel isn’t exactly a compelling campaign argument, but when you’re all about denying climate science, opposing transportation funding, talking about stopping Silver Line construction halfway through the project, persecuting LGBT people, banning abortion and contraception, I guess you don’t have much left to talk about…

  • Reynolds, Clement Respond to Cuccinelli’s Route 58 Blunder

    Former Senator Roscoe Reynolds and Former Delegate Whitt Clement released the following statement responding to Ken Cuccinelli’s attack on Terry McAuliffe today regarding extending Route 58 across Virginia:

    “It’s unfortunate that, instead of proposing a solution to strengthen Route 58 as a corridor of economic growth by expanding it across the Commonwealth, Ken Cuccinelli has decided to use it for his false political attacks. Anyone who understands Southside Virginia recognizes that it will take commerce flowing through our region from all directions in order to create the jobs and economic growth need.” -Senator Roscoe Reynolds

    “Ken Cuccinelli should know that we’ve got a long way to go on Route 58, he’s been watching from the sidelines while serious leaders have been working on a fix for years. Cuccinelli is missing the point. A jobs governor has got to open up the port and expand Route 58 to I-77 and across the entire state. Virginia needs a Governor who understands the basic economic benefit of expanding and modernizing our infrastructure, not one whose only contributions are obstructionism and cheap attacks.” -Delegate Whitt Clement

  • *No new revenues for transportation EVER.

    *Opposition to infrastructure investment.

    *Hatred of government in general.

    All adds up to how Rt. 58 would look if the Ken Cuccinellis of the world had been in charge of this state the past few decades…

  • Iechyd Da

    is where it sounds this whole Rte. 58 conversation is coming. Widening the entire road is a boondoggle and adheres to the ecologically and economically bankrupt 1960’s-era concept that economic growth obediently follows new lanes and pavement. We fought that thinking in Western Virginia when Halliburton wanted to privatize I-81 and widen it with a truck-only toll road. We’re fighting that same corporate agenda in the 50-mile mountaintop removal Coalfields Expressway, pushed by Alpha Natural Resources.

    Almost 50 miles of Rte. 58 between Volney and Damascus lie within a highly sensitive environmental region — including Mount Rogers National Recreation area and Grayson Highlands State Park. It would be hugely destructive to widen 58 through this area. Big trucks are prohibited in this section, widening it would severely damage the tourism economy that has grown up around this unique high altitude environment. A 4-lane 58 would destroy business instead of grow it.

    McAuliff needs to take his eye off the map and hike this section to see the world-class treasure that it is. Not blindly threaten to destroy it with pavement. The Nature Conservancy lists this area of SWVA is the second hottest spot for biodiversity in the continental U.S.

    McAuliff in his only campaign visit to Bristol spent the first half of his speech talking about traffic problems in NoVA and Tidewater and his support for the transportation bill which is being used to build Halliburton’s 8-lane I-81, piece by piece.

    All of you, come discover for yourselves the beauty and wonder of the Virginia Highlands. NO widening of 58 is wanted here!

  • Total #FAIL by Ken Cuccinelli, Chris LaCivita et al. on this one. Here’s DPVA’s statement:

    Yesterday Ken Cuccinelli “world premiered” a false attack on Terry McAuliffe, suggesting that McAuliffe’s call to expand Route 58 to stimulate the economy across Southern Virginia was not necessary.

    Cuccinelli not only sent a clear message to every Virginian living along Route 58 (particularly those in Southwest) that having a fully open transit corridor for goods and commerce is not a priority, he also offered a clear reminder that he’s spent his entire career on the wrong side of efforts to fund the transportation maintenance and construction the entire state needs to compete in a modern economy.

    “Ken Cuccinelli has the worst record on transportation of any gubernatorial candidate in modern times,” said DPVA spokesman Brian Coy. “From trying multiple times to kill this year’s bipartisan transportation compromise, to bragging that the Washington Post ‘bought it’ when he lied about making transportation a priority as a State Senator, Cuccinelli has actively opposed getting Virginians out of traffic and getting our economy moving by modernizing our transportation infrastructure.

    “Virginia needs a Governor with a real agenda to invest in transportation and grow our economy, not more of Cuccinelli’s empty attacks and political roadblocks.”