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VA Senate Dem. Caucus Launches Petition to Have Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli “Come Clean”


Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus Launches Petition to Have Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli “Come Clean”

 Senator McEachin:  “It’s time to put all this behind us.”

 RICHMOND, VA —Continuing his efforts to have Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli tell voters their roles in the current scandals, Donald McEachin today announced a Senate Democratic Caucus petition demanding they disclose all gifts they have received from Star Scientific and CEO Jonnie Williams and others.


“Ken Cuccinelli refuses to level with Virginians about all the gifts he has received and how those actions may have affected his official duties in regards to Star Scientific,” said Senator Donald McEachin.   “The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia needs to provide answers about his gifts, conflicts of interests and role in the current scandals.”


Newspaper reports indicate that Cuccinelli has taken at least $18,000 in gifts from a man and company that filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Meanwhile, Bob McDonnell and his family’s haul in gifts, loans, expensive out of state trips, a wild shopping spree, vacations, wedding presents, and a Rolex watch totals well over $140,000.


“It’s only because of newspaper reports that we are seeing how much money Bob McDonnell has gotten from just one person.  What else did he get from Williams or other people with business before the Commonwealth?” remarked McEachin.   The Governor needs to be honest and provide answers about this major scandal and come clean.”


The caucus is petition asking people to tell McDonald and Cuccinelli to “Come Clean” can be found at


  • YelowDawg

    I don’t want them to “come clean.” I do not believe truth, integrity or ethics are words in their collective vocabulary.

    I expect some modicum of honesty in our elective officials. I understand I may be naive, but nevertheless I expect that. The current lot of GOP fools that are currently holding office are not what they want us to believe they are. They are just crooks using elective office to line their pockets, albeit not altogether successfully. They see religion as a tool to get ahead not as worship of a god of truth and love.

    Impeach them! March on Richmond and throw the bums out immediately.

    Virginia is not on the national “Laughingstock List” only because so many of their ilk across the country are pushing and shoving us backward into a time we cannot ever forget and certainly do not want to relive.