Video: Bob Lewis of AP Says Star Scientific Scandal “Is A Problem” For Cuccinelli’s Campaign


    So sayeth the dean of the Virginia political press corps on “Morning Joe”:

    This is a problem for Ken for two reasons. One is, Ken accepted $18,000 worth of gifts from the same guy who has been such a benefactor to the governor, a guy named Jonnie Williams who has a company called Star Scientific, which makes nutritional supplements. And another problem for Ken is, that as long as this scandal with the governor is basically eating up the work product of the press corps, it’s hard for Ken’s message to punch through.

    Bob Lewis is right as usual. That’s probably why the Cuccinelli campaign is flailing around, putting out idiotic and off-base videos like this one, and generally just spending 100% of its time trying to come up with some way to attack Terry McAuliffe. Notice: Cuccinelli has no positive vision for Virginia. Of course, how could he when he hates government, opposed much (most?) of what Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell tried to do, is despised by many in the Virginia GOP – McDonnell and Bill Bolling, for instance – and is basically a rabid, right-wing ideologue who takes orders from the Koch brothers, coal companies, etc? That’s right, he can’t.

    • I’m trying to think of ONE area where Pope Francis agrees with Ken Cuccinelli. Let’s see: 1) Francis is strong on climate change and environmental issues, Cuccinelli’s a denier and a disaster; 2) Francis is against capitalism, Cuccinelli is rabidly for (crony) capitalism; 3) Francis is for redistributing income from the rich to the poor, Cuccinelli is for the opposite; 4) Francis comes from the social justice and “liberation theology” traditions of the church, Cuccinelli is the exact opposite; 5) Francis is tolerant of LGBT people, Cuccinelli is a homophobic bigot; etc., etc.

    • The first cartoon is by “Tom Tomorrow” for Daily Kos:

      The next ones are from cartoonist John A. Kwitkoski:

    • I’m sure stuff like this does WONDERS for the Republican Party’s image with Latinos. Not! So much for the “rebranding” or “Etch a Sketch” or whatever Reince is calling it. #FAIL