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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, August 26.

*Confident Syria Used Chemicals, U.S. Mulls Action (The bottom line in my book is simple: this has nothing to do with Syria, per se, but rather a principle, that the international community can not allow governments to use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, let alone against civilians. Those governments that do so must pay a serious price, or else it’s a total “green light” for future governments to do the same. Unacceptable.)

*The Armageddon Caucus (“A handful of lawmakers may hold the rest of Congress hostage this fall to their extreme ideology.” And they are all Republicans, of course.)

*Cokie Roberts: ‘What’s Going on With Voter Rights is Downright Evil’ (Agreed.)

*Colin Powell On Republican Voting Restrictions: ‘It’s Going To Backfire’

*Ethanol’s empty promise (“Mandates won’t work, but a carbon tax might push the nation toward clean technologies.”)

*Virginia Governor Race Lures Far-Flung Donors (More boring horse-race coverage. The sad reality is that the media, and probably the public as well, is averse to serious policy discussion. Sigh.)

*The facts of omission (“Virginia’s ethics laws need strengthening, a fact Cuccinelli decided to champion after he stretched them beyond recognition.”)

*Cuccinell overstates McAuliffe’s role in Lincoln Bedroom scandal (“We rate Cuccinelli’s statement False.”)

*Most Virginia police agencies fall short of state photo lineup guidelines

*Gov. McDonnell, It’s Time for a Hard Choice (“We have said before, and we say again, Gov. McDonnell has lost all moral authority to govern. The longer he remains in his post, the more damage he does to the institution of the governor’s office and to the commonwealth.” And so has Ken Cuccinelli, who also took money from Bobby Thompson, Jonnie Williams, not to mention CONSOL Energy, I’d add…)

*In Fairfax schools, extra cash adds up to artificial turf, but not teacher raises (Brilliant priorities!)

*Goldman to meet with Gov. McDonnell about tax credit

*Virginians Split On Whether Racial Divisions Persist

*Nice today, but hottest weather pattern since July easing in

*Nationals lose a heartbreaker (Can’t afford to lose many more games…)

  • In Ohio, not Virginia

    A hearing is scheduled today in the trial of accused scam artist Bobby Thompson, who defrauded Virginians out of $2 million given to his fake U.S. Navy Veterans Association charity.

    Unfortunately, despite having carried out this scheme in Virginia, Thompson’s trial marches on in Ohio while he has yet to face justice here in the Commonwealth.

    Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli would likely deny that the $55,500 Thompson gave his 2009 campaign has anything to do with the fact that he failed to bring his former campaign backer to justice, but recent scandals raise serious questions nonetheless.

    Did Thompson’s massive contribution to Cuccinelli’s campaign help him avoid prosecution in Virginia? Virginians may have to draw their own conclusions, just as they may never know for sure if the $18,000 in gifts that Star Scientific and CEO Jonnie Williams gave Cuccinelli made it easier for his office to let Williams’ legal challenge to a $1.7 million state tax bill languish.

    What is beyond dispute is Cuccinelli’s reluctance to part with the fruits of his benefactors’ largess. Just as he has spent weeks refusing to give back the value of Williams trips and gifts, Cuccinelli spent nearly two months trying to wiggle his way out of giving Thompson’s ill-gotten campaign cash to charity before finally bowing to public pressure.

    Thompson’s ongoing trial in another state is a clear reminder for Virginians that there are Attorneys General who are capable of putting their states’ best interests ahead of their own. And that someday Virginia might even have one.  

  • From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign. Note that in 2009, this group endorsed Bob McDonnell for Gov. and Bill Bolling for LG. In 2005 they backed Jerry Kilgore for Governor, Bill Bolling for LG and Bob McDonnell for AG. All Republicans…except for Ken Cuccinelli, who they did not endorse in 2009 or 2013. Hmmmm.

    The Virginia Association of Realtors®, through its Realtor® Political Action Committee endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor because of his focus on growing Virginia’s economy. The Virginia Association of Realtors is the largest trade association in Virginia, with nearly 29,000 members.

    “Having a strong housing sector is vital to ensure that Virginia’s middle class families can build financial security and I’m honored to have the support of the Virginia Association of Realtors,” said McAuliffe. “Working with both parties, I am committed to finding mainstream solutions to support the housing industry, improve transportation, strengthen education and make Virginia the best state for business.”

    “Terry McAuliffe understands how important Virginia’s housing industry is to growing and strengthening the Commonwealth’s economy, and we endorse him for governor,” said Mary Dykstra, President of the Virginia Association of Realtors. “He promises to support policies that will make Virginia the best place to live and work, and we look forward to working with him to make sure that housing remains a vibrant and robust industry in the Commonwealth.”

    The group interviewed McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli prior to making the endorsement and thoroughly reviewed their policy positions.