A (Lyrical) Letter to Virginians


    We can’t take flight

    And ignore the plight

    Of strong attacks from

    The religious right.

    We must open our eyes

    And shine a light

    On the ardent fight for

    Women’s rights.

    Though the view from the ground

    Is not as nice,

    We cannot smite

    Unless we’re downright


    One city birthed

    A renewed crusade.

    On the national stage,

    An icon made:

    The Capitol Steps.

    They swept us away that day,

    As we protested mistakes

    The General Assembly made.

    But an awakening dawned,

    And we spawned

    A movement

    Of modern-day


    Issues of choice cause a great divide,

    But we’re changing the tide

    And leading the nation,

    Which brings us great pride.

    Ultrasounds and TRAPs

    Started a fight

    In which the government

    Used their might.

    But the power of the people

    Found the side of right.

    And while both sides fight,

    We all would like:


    Though political games

    Are perpetually played,

    We are not swayed

    By the flex of their muscles.

    We’ll scuffle and hustle

    And increase our resistance

    With great persistence

    Until they are staid.

    Though protest we may, I do contend

    That in order to win,

    We must end and

    In all ways de-friend these


    They passed poor laws

    And kept their paws

    In places they shouldn’t.

    And though we couldn’t

    Stop the close of clinics,

    We did get the probe

    Removed from the bill

    Passed on Richmond’s Capitol Hill

    But the most important

    Pavement we can pound,

    With our eyes open wide,

    And our feet on the ground is to


    Election Day is Tuesday November 5.