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Video: Cuccinelli Tripled (Quadrupled?) Down on ‘God’s Punishment’ Rhetoric on Fox News Last Night


From the DPVA, Cuccinelli continues to demonstrate why he’s losing the governor’s race for good reason – he’s completely nuts!

In case you missed it, Ken Cuccinelli appeared on Bret Baier’s show on Fox News last night and stood resolutely by his statements expressing surprise that the United States has not yet experienced “God’s judgment” over a woman’s constitutional right to make her own health care decisions. He also followed up on his recent comparison of abortion to slavery by comparing the consequences he anticipates for abortion to those the country suffered as a result of segregation.

Cuccinelli’s offensive and dangerous rhetoric, and his insistence on repeating it every time he’s asked, prove that he is just too extreme for mainstream Virginians, and that he doesn’t seem to care who knows it.

  • From the DPVA:

    In case you missed it, extreme Tea Party presidential candidate Rick Santorum is planning on joining the conservative cavalry rushing the state to help Ken Cuccinelli in the closing days of the 2013 campaign.

    While he’s here, Santorum may take the opportunity expound on his and Cuccinelli’s efforts to ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and his statements that women who are raped and become pregnant should “make the best of a bad situation.”

    Ken Cuccinelli’s decision to bring every extreme, anti-women’s health care, pro-shutdown Tea Party politician to Virginia in the closing days illustrates the key lesson of his campaign: Cuccinelli would put his extreme ideological agenda ahead of what’s best for mainstream Virginia families.