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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 29. One week until Election Day in Virginia – do you know where and when you’re voting? can you remind all the people you know to join you in voting (for Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, and their Democratic House of Delegates candidate) on November 5? Thanks. Finally, check out the video of Ken Cuccinelli calling embryonic stem cells the “dead bodies of those children.”

*U.S. weighs ending spying on allied heads of state

*Obama Admin: Half Of Young Americans Could Buy Insurance For $50 Or Less

*Rand Paul Plagiarized Speech From Wikipedia, Rachel Maddow Says

*McAuliffe opens up double-digit lead over Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race (“Cuccinelli’s image has deteriorated consistently during the campaign, damaged by not only perceptions of his conservatism but also a backlash against the recent partial shutdown of the federal government, for which a majority of voters blame Republicans in Congress.”)

*Race for Virginia attorney general is in a near dead heat, poll finds (We have GOT to win this one – everybody get the word out about how extreme Mark Obenshain is, how he’s said he and Ken Cuccinelli are “two peas in a pod” philosophically, etc.)

*As election clock winds down, Va. rivals enlist big names for late push (Yeah, Cooch gets extremist/lunatic Rand Paul to come in and talk about how a woman’s right to choose leads to “eugenics.” Oh, and also plagiarizes the Wikipedia entry on “Gattaca.” LOL)

*President Obama to hit the trail Sunday with McAuliffe in Virginia governor’s race

*Virginia Latinos plunge into politics (And man are they welcome or what?!? Bienvenidos a los Latino-Americanos!)

*McAuliffe continues torrid fundraising pace in gov. race (“The Democrat raised $8.1 million Oct. 1-23. The GOP’s Cuccinelli has raised $2.9 million in the same period.”)

*McAuliffe’s cash edge endures as election nears

*Polls, money favor McAuliffe

*Ken Cuccinelli, Rand Paul visit Liberty University (What a joke, on all levels.)

*In NoVa, veteran GOP delegate Rust fights for his seat as Democrats sense opportunity (It’s long past time to “get the Rust out.” Go Boysko!)

*Businessmen Austin, Medlin vie for 19th District

*Signs of voter fatigue in Chesapeake, bellwether of Hampton Roads (The best cure for “fatigue?” Get out and volunteer…and vote of course!)

*Former SEAL, former priest vie for Virginia Beach’s 85th House seat

*D.C. area forecast: Getting warmer for sure; will showers wait ’til after Halloween?

  • Jim B

    I am not too keen on the part of the poll that shows men going for Cuccinelli 45 to 44%. In many households women follow the men, especially republican households.

  • A very good sign for Terry McAuliffe’s GOTV operation!

    FALLS CHURCH – In-person absentee early voting has been hugely popular in Fairfax County. Since satellite voting locations opened on September 28th, over 7,900 county voters have taken advantage of the easy in-person absentee option-an increase of 157 percent over four years ago. In-person early voting continues through Saturday November 2nd at eight Fairfax Government Centers located across the county.

    Many voters have told election officers how pleased they are with the ease and convenience of voting early. Voters can choose from nineteen reasons to justify voting before Election Day, including being outside of Fairfax County for business or personal reasons on Election Day. Fairfax Democrats chairman Cesar del Aguila noted, “a significant number of Fairfax voters work in Washington, DC or in surrounding counties. Every one of them is entitled to vote early. Saturday voting means no traffic concerns or time off from work.”

    Del Aguila continued, “It’s undeniably clear that Fairfax County residents want and are taking advantage of opportunities to vote in advance of Election Day. Overall, including mail and in-person absentee, early voting is up 37 percent from the last statewide election cycle. Voting is a Constitutional right and we encourage the Board of Elections to make it as easy as possible for citizens to exercise that right. We congratulate the Board of Elections for expanding the Saturday satellite voting opportunities.”

  • and that he said if you want to fight abortion, you need to fill potholes.

  • From the Farm Team:

    October 29, 2013 -Barbara Comstock voted against $200,000 in the state budget in 2013 that would have directly funded breast and cervical cancer screenings for poor women.  (HB1500, 2013, Toscano Amendment, item 295 #2h)

    And, Comstock voted to prohibit state funding of stem cell research (HB30, 2012, Cole Amendment, Item 4-0.01 Item #4h).

    Comstock’s mailing calling Kathleen Murphy a liar last week just reinforces The Washington Post editorial endorsing candidate Kathleen Murphy when they said about Comstock:  

    “A prodigious fundraiser, she has managed to obscure her record by stressing anodyne issues like combating Lyme disease. Voters in her district, which stretches from McLean in Fairfax County to northwest Loudoun County, shouldn’t be fooled.”  The Washington Post, 10/24/13

    Comstock claims her vote for a breast density bill, which passed both the House and Senate unanimously, proves her dedication to cancer screenings for women. (Comstock should check her own facts.  In her mailing, the bill is cited as a 2013 piece of legislation, when in fact, that bill was passed in 2012.)

    Let’s be clear.  One, the breast density bill gives women-who can already afford a mammogram-more information allowing them to decide whether to get further testing for breast cancer. Two, that bill does not address funding for cancer screenings.  It gives women more information about whether to seek additional screenings, but it does not help poor women pay for those additional screenings so important to catch cancer early.  

    But, Comstock fails to address the votes that Murphy actually referred to. See the mail pieces at http://www.farmteam.org/voters… and view the voting record documentation attached below.

    It’s time for the name-calling and childish behavior to end.  The voters of the 34th House District deserve better than a Delegate that thinks she can get away with obfuscation and misdirection.

    Barbara Comstock voted against cancer screenings for women and against funding for stem cell research. She fooled the voters once with her votes against these important issues to women.  Don’t let her fool you twice with this mail piece.

  • Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign released a new radio ad today featuring First Lady Michelle Obama encouraging Virginians to vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 5th. The McAuliffe campaign announced Monday it has recruited more than 12,000 volunteers to help Get Out The Vote in the final days leading up to the election. Democratic volunteers and organizers have already knocked on 1.5 million doors throughout the Commonwealth, encouraging Virginians to vote for McAuliffe and the mainstream Democratic ticket to move Virginia forward and put jobs first.

    “Terry has spent this campaign focused on talking with Virginians about his plan to create jobs and invest in Virginia’s future, and the final days of our campaign are about communicating the importance of voting with supporters across the Commonwealth,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Rachel Thomas. “While Ken Cuccinelli has doubled down in recent weeks on his extreme Tea Party agenda, Terry is committed to bringing Virginians together around mainstream, bipartisan solutions to create jobs and diversify the economy.”

  • From the McAuliffe campaign:

    VIRGINIA – On Sunday, November 3, President Obama will join Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for a rally with supporters at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, at the locations below. Tickets are required but do not guarantee admission.

    WHAT:  President Obama joins Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for rally with supporters

    WHEN: Sunday, November 3, 2013. Public access time: 11:45 AM ET

    WHERE: Washington-Lee High School – 1301 N. Stafford Street, Arlington, VA 22201

    CROWD ACCESS INFORMATION: Tickets will be available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at12:00 PM on Wednesday, October 30, 2013, at the following locations:

    Democratic Party of Virginia Arlington Office

    2050 Wilson Boulevard Suite 200

    Arlington, VA 22201

    Democratic Party of Virginia Alexandria Office

    618 N Washington St

    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Democratic Party of Virginia Springfield Office

    6354 Springfield Plaza

    Springfield, VA 22150

    Democratic Party of Virginia Fairfax City Office

    11202 Lee Hwy

    Fairfax, VA 22030