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Video: Nancy Pelosi Swats Away David Gregory’s Brain-Dead, Sky-Is-Falling Narrative on “Obamacare”


As you’ve undoubtedly noticed by now, the corporate media is utterly fixated on its preferred narrative about the Affordable Care Act – that it’s a debacle (not true), that Democrats are in full rebellion (they’re not), and that 2014 is ruined (it’s not). But facts be damned; they’ve got their erroneous, simplistic, even brain-dead narrative and they’re sticking with it, come hell or high water. Until they change it, of course, in a few days or weeks, after they get bored with this one. In the meantime, it’s great to see former (and hopefully FUTURE) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calmly and cooly swatting away rabid lap dog David Gregory. Check it out.

By the way, I need to write more on this but for now let me just say that the absolute LAST people in the world who have any standing to criticize “Obamacare” are Republicans. For starters, it’s largely based on their ideas, such as the individual mandate and the 1993 Republican alternative to “Hillarycare.” Second, and perhaps more importantly, since Day #1 Republicans have had it in for “Obamacare” – and more broadly, President Obama – which means that anything you hear from them has ZERO credibility. Finally, Republicans have never offered a serious alternative to “Obamacare,” since apparently they don’t have one. Again, they have ZERO credibility or standing to criticize this law. They saying “lead, follow, or get the @#$@# out of the way” comes to mind here.

  • Bumble Bee

    The problem is they bombard the public with their slanted viewpoint thus shaping their perception  of the situation. I am sometimes of the opinion that the media has little positive influence on our national life.

  • ConsDemo

    Revent media coverage on the ACA has really been abysmal.  They pretty much regurgitate GOP talking points.   I’m much happier with the Washington Post than some who post here, but I won’t disagree that they have been piss-poor on ACA coverage.   Sarah Kliff is normally a pretty astute blogger but her column on Thursday about the President’s proposed fix to transitioned (not “cancelled”) insurance plans was lousy.

    You can pretty much dismiss any journalistic outlet’s coverage when they use the term “Obamacare.”   Do we call Social Security “Roosevelt retirement” or Medicare “LBJcare.”  Granted the President didn’t reject the label in 2012 (mainly to deny the GOP’s attempt to needle him), but it is still juvenile for journalists to use the term and it simply plays into GOP rhetoric.  It also isn’t “The President’s health care law”, it is the nation’s health care law.

  • ConsDemo

    Sorry, I meant to say “recent media coverage…”