Judge Who Ruled that Virginia’s Anti-Gay-Marriage Amendment is Unconstitutional Was Confirmed 96-0


    In a detail that’s likely to make homophobic heads explode, it turns out that Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen – who issued the ruling that Virginia’s anti-gay-marriage amendment is unconstituational, was confirmed 96-0 by the U.S. Senate. Those voting to confirm Judge Wright included the following right-wing Republican U.S. Senators (note that Paul and Rubio are both likely 2016 Republican presidential contenders):

    *Rand Paul

    *Marco Rubio

    *Jim DeMint

    *Mitch McConnell

    *James Inhofe

    *Tom Coburn

    Also voting “yea” were Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner of Virginia. Thank you to everyone – even the homophobic Republicans – who voted to confirm this superb judge! 🙂

    • ir003436

      It just gets better and better!!!!

    • And no, Mr. Gillespie, the people of Virginia are NOT free to disregard the U.S. Constitution. If you don’t understand that simple concept, you certainly have no business holding public office.

      h/t: Ryan Nobles’ Twitter feed